Northern Ireland: Martin McGuinness retires from electoral politics

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Ian James Parsley @ianjamesparsley

Probably the first time ever I haven't been embarrassed about nearly sharing a name with Ian Paisley... @bbctheview

20/01/2017 06:22:51 WIB
Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

Update: Few of us who lived through the 1980s would ever have believed that, one day, Ian Paisley Jnr would have gone even further.…

20/01/2017 06:23:16 WIB
Colm Dore @ColmDore

Positing parity of esteem, Agreement delivery, as just 'green' issues prevents Troubles-transcending progressive politics.…

20/01/2017 06:25:07 WIB
bbctheview @bbctheview

"Extraordinary. Show-stopping." says @deirdreheenan of @ianpaisleymp comments. "Stabbed @DUPleader in the front, not the back."

20/01/2017 06:26:24 WIB
Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

#mcguinness ... remarkable charitable tribute by @ianpaisleymp to @m_mcguinness ..... to be read at many levels ....

20/01/2017 05:59:47 WIB
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Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

“He played a key role in moving the Republican movement towards a position of using peaceful and democratic means." TM on MartinMcGuinness.

20/01/2017 06:26:53 WIB
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bbctheview @bbctheview

Comments directed against @duponline leadership team but not a pitch for leadership says @NewtonEmerson

20/01/2017 06:27:04 WIB
Katherine @catarinak1

Love Deirdre with wonderful hair. Always makes total sense. Generosity of spirit by a unionist doesn't diminish their unionism. @bbctheview

20/01/2017 06:27:28 WIB
conor macauley @TVconormac

Ian Paisley's tribute to Martin McGuinness direct challenge to Arlene Foster's leadership tone & style says @NewtonEmerson on @bbctheview

20/01/2017 06:27:28 WIB
PP @PhilipPentland

It is essential that @ianpaisleymp influence @duponline and @DUPleader to change style and tone. Has to be the next step. And fast.

20/01/2017 06:27:35 WIB
Michelle O’Neill @moneillsf

@emmettmcg18 @Padraiginni @M_McGuinness_SF not a dry eye in Tyrone either Emmett! He is a living legend x

20/01/2017 06:29:34 WIB
Marie-louise Connolly - Wash Your Hands @mlchealth

Oh Lordy potentially a new health minister to break in according to @deirdreheenan @NewtonEmerson 🙄 Not another one.. @bbctheview @moneillsf

20/01/2017 06:29:41 WIB
Paul McFadden is in Da House @PJMcFaddenDerry

On a very difficult day for @M_McGuinness_SF it's only honest to point out: his soccer team's crap. Come over to the best Reds Martin #YNWA

20/01/2017 06:29:49 WIB
Gareth Gordon @BBCGarethG

So @deirdreheenan says @ianpaisleymp has knifed @DUPleader in the front and given her a kicking @bbctheview I mightn't go that far

20/01/2017 06:30:28 WIB
Charliemurs @Charliemurs247

@BBCMarkSimpson Tonight Ian Paisley Jr has given us all hope that the current issues can be resolved. Statesman like and leadership like.

20/01/2017 06:31:22 WIB
Roy McGivern @RoyMcGIvern

@bbctheview was riveting viewing tonight. What interesting political times we are in and who knows how it will all end.

20/01/2017 06:32:13 WIB
Sam McBride @SJAMcBride

Friday's News Letter front page: Leaked emails show officials told firms cash for ash was ending - four months before it did; then the spike

20/01/2017 06:33:46 WIB
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TimesIwonder @TimesIwonder1

@BBCMarkSimpson incredible. Honesty, grace and generosity by the bucket load.

20/01/2017 06:34:22 WIB
R @Jackanory05

@JCKP1966 So Ian actually is your brother after all Kyle! A lovely tribute by him tonight for M McGuinness.

20/01/2017 06:34:27 WIB
Marie-louise Connolly - Wash Your Hands @mlchealth

A poignant snapshot tonight from the Bogside. @M_McGuinness_SF Look at the little boy looking on

20/01/2017 06:36:40 WIB
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Seán Mór @seanmor

@EamonnMallie @ianpaisleymp @m_mcguinness Ive never felt as much hope from comments and demeanour in a long time. Well said Ian Paisley Jr

20/01/2017 06:37:19 WIB
Jamie Bryson @JamieBrysonCPNI

@ianpaisleymp would be a much more effective DUP leader. I doubt he would have let this mess happen, or escalate as it has.

20/01/2017 06:37:36 WIB
Naomi Long MLA @naomi_long

.@SJAMcBride deserves credit for his persistence in pursuit of the whole truth. Excellent work by @News_Letter…

20/01/2017 06:39:01 WIB
Stormont Tweets @stormontweets

Tony Blair thanks Martin McGuinness for his 'service and leadership' #Stormont

20/01/2017 06:39:10 WIB
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Tim Attwood @cllrtimattwood

MLK once said "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." Tonight Ian Paisley Jnr is my brother

20/01/2017 06:40:13 WIB
Bernie Drayne @tescoshopper

@apallan @JCKP1966 yes indeed he did & there's a wave of optimism in the air

20/01/2017 06:43:27 WIB
Paul McFadden is in Da House @PJMcFaddenDerry

It's a huge day for Martin, his family, his brothers and sister, the Bogside and Derry. I hope he recovers quickly and fully.…

20/01/2017 06:43:49 WIB
ANN P V ALLAN @apallan

@tescoshopper @JCKP1966 let's hope it manifests itself when people go to the polls.

20/01/2017 06:44:31 WIB
Brian McMullan @BrianMJMcMullan

A lot of tweets from friends in NI re Ian Paisley Jnr, tonight. Seems I'll have to look for @bbctheview, this week.

20/01/2017 06:45:03 WIB
Naomi Long MLA @naomi_long

When I was asked by Paisley family to Ian Snr's memorial, some DUP reps railed about "enemies of Ulster" being there. Family were gracious.…

20/01/2017 06:46:04 WIB
Stephen McCullough @StephenMcCullo4

@ianpaisleymp thank you for your grace , humanity and humility tonight . An example to many sir , God bless

20/01/2017 06:46:30 WIB

'Thank you' - Ian Paisley's words to Martin McGuinness

20/01/2017 06:48:28 WIB
BBC Newsline @bbcnewsline

'Thank you' - Ian Paisley's words to Martin McGuinness

20/01/2017 06:48:29 WIB
Gerry Kelly @GerryKellyShow

A rare glimpse of what our future should and could be about from @ianpaisleymp on @bbctheview tonight. Who would have thought.....

20/01/2017 06:49:05 WIB
Pat Ramsey @patramsey_

Very welcoming, humbling and admirable words of appreciation from @ianpaisleymp on retirement of @M_McGuinness_SF well done Ian.…

20/01/2017 06:50:19 WIB
CelticPride1888 @jk188826

@JCKP1966 Your Dad would be a very proud man tonight with the grace and honesty shown by your wee brother @ianpaisleymp tonight #Respect

20/01/2017 06:51:15 WIB
Irish Republican News @repnews

DUP's Ian Paisley Jr hailed by Sinn Fein as 'statesmanlike' after lauding Martin McGuinness's 'remarkable journey' which 'saved lives'.

20/01/2017 06:51:59 WIB
Gerry Carlile @GerryCarlile

@ianpaisleymp Thank you Ian. You were a credit to all of our people on @bbctheview tonight. You gave me some hope.

20/01/2017 06:53:23 WIB
Yvette Shapiro @yvetteshapiro

After his thoughtful, gracious & mature words about @M_McGuinness_SF on @bbctheview perhaps we could stop calling @ianpaisleymp "junior"?

20/01/2017 06:55:50 WIB
Pat Ramsey @patramsey_

Congratulations and thanks to the Obamas, lets hope you take on a new role somewhere to assist and bring peace to conflict torn regions.…

20/01/2017 07:00:27 WIB
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