Northern Ireland: Martin McGuinness retires from electoral politics

Martin McGuinness:
Martin McGuinness @M_McGuinness_SF

Wishing everyone without exception a very Happy, Healthy & Peaceful 2017. Thoughts with those suffering in Syria,Yemen,Iraq etc. #Peace🌎

01/01/2017 01:00:48 WIB
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In January 2017 after the Irish Times reported about his health problems he quit as the Deputy First Minister amid the RHI scandal and the DUP leader's refusal to step aside.
Gerry Adams @GerryAdamsSF

Ten years of valient service in Office Of First&DeputyFirst Minister Martin McGuinness signs resignation letter. GRMA chara 4 all Ur work.

09/01/2017 22:13:11 WIB
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Gerry Adams @GerryAdamsSF

"No return to the status quo" – You can read Martin's statement and resignation letter at

10/01/2017 20:22:11 WIB
Martin McGuinness @M_McGuinness_SF

I deeply appreciate the thousands of messages of support & good wishes that I & my family have received since yesterday. #ManyThanks

10/01/2017 22:35:28 WIB
Martin McGuinness @M_McGuinness_SF

The reported threats to @DUPleader are shameful & totally unacceptable.I unreservedly condemn those responsible for the cowards they are.

13/01/2017 19:31:53 WIB
Sophie Long @SophieLong01

Republicans accepted the principle of consent - unionists are now free and safe to vote for good policies not scaremongering.

19/01/2017 16:32:29 WIB
Alex.Kane @AlexKane221b

I stand over this piece from two weeks ago--before McGuinness resigned. A huge problem was allowed to become a crisis for the institutions.

19/01/2017 16:59:24 WIB
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Rodney Edwards @rodneyedwards

. @mikenesbittni says election would be seen as a referendum on handling of botched renewable energy scandal.…

19/01/2017 18:48:30 WIB
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Sam McBride @SJAMcBride

Will there be a better Assembly election slogan than this West Tyrone independent's 'People before pellets'?…

19/01/2017 18:48:48 WIB
McGuinness tweeted this on John Hume's birthday:
Martin McGuinness @M_McGuinness_SF

Warmest best wishes to John Hume, Pat & family today on his 80th Birthday. #Enjoy

18/01/2017 15:16:29 WIB
Because Northern Ireland is Northern Ireland, news like this always appears on Twitter and the media in general:
Ben Lowry @BenLowry2

An amnesty for soldiers would fuel IRA claims for the same, says distinguished ex RUC detective Norman Baxter…

19/01/2017 23:00:56 WIB
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Then the big news arrives:
Mark Carruthers #WashYourHands @MarkCarruthers7

I'm definitely getting the sense that it'll be a very busy @bbctheview tonight - we're extended & on air from 22.40 on @BBCOneNI...

19/01/2017 23:47:42 WIB
Sinn Féin @sinnfeinireland

Important interview with Martin McGuinness at 6pm. Please check the Sinn Féin Facebook for details: #AE17

20/01/2017 00:15:01 WIB
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David Young @DavidYoungPA

A @PA has spoken to @M_McGuinness_SF about his health and his future. Full interview by @DeborahMcAleese will run at 6pm.

20/01/2017 00:15:12 WIB
Alex.Kane @AlexKane221b

My plans for a quiet evening have just been abandoned. You'll hear why very soon.

20/01/2017 00:17:51 WIB
(Another news, but this is big enough for the Stormont exec)
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