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Islamphobia? Diprotes Ormas, Billboard Australia Day 2017 Tampilkan Anak Kecil Berhijab Terpaksa Dicopot

Ormas "The United Patriot Front" mengatakan billboard yang menampilkan anak kecil berhijab tsb sbg propaganda.
URL indonesia Tampilkan perempuan berhijab, billboard promosi Australia Day diturunkan usai diprotes kelompok sayap kanan Billboard tersebut diprotes oleh The United Patriot Front. 14

Tanggal 26 Januari mendatang Australia merayakan hari libur nasional, Australia Day. Sayangnya, ada kejadian yang mencemari perayaan Australia Day di negeri yang menjunjung tinggi toleransi ini.

Sebuah iklan billboard di Melbourne yang memperingati hari besar Australia menjadi bahan kontroversi karena menampilkan foto dua wanita berhijab. Iklan itu diprotes oleh The United Patriot Front, kelompok sayap kanan di Australia.

Ahmad Pathoni @apathoni

Kok sama ama di sini ya? Australia Day billboard featuring girls in hijabs taken down… via @ABCNews

18/01/2017 10:41:22 WIB

Ada yang setuju dicopot, ada juga yang protes. Ada yang bilang foto mereka berdua memang tidak sepantasnya ditaruh disana karena tidak merepresentasikan Australia sama sekali.

David Denmeade The company could have used ppl from all ethnic backgrounds but they used just two from the religion most opposed to diversity. This was done to provoke a reaction.

Mark McKelvie Good, should have never been put up there in the first place, it doesn't represent Australia day or Australia in the slightest. In a way it was advertising a religion and religion has nothing to do with Australia day.

The Page @_ThePage

‘Take That S**t Down’: Australia Day Ad Featuring Women in Hijab Removed Following Threats ^HeatStreet

18/01/2017 03:18:50 WIB
BasimaFaysal @BasimaFaysal

For Australia Day, Australia is being made to celebrate girls being made to wear hijab. This is a photo from Australia. #Auspol

18/01/2017 07:10:25 WIB
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Geopolitical Musings @BibleRef101

If you think your way of life is threatened by Muslim women who wear a hijab you have mental & psychological issues. #AustraliaDay #Auspol

18/01/2017 03:07:00 WIB
Michael Byrnes @MichaelByrnes

Think about the feelings of hijab girls on Australia Day billboard. Their "crime": was to wave a flag at an Australia Day event. #auspol

18/01/2017 02:58:00 WIB
Angela @Angie_in_Qld

@BasimaFaysal Wonder why we're mostly happy to recognise culture fests, mardi gras, chinese new year, ramadan... yet my Aust Day is trashed?

18/01/2017 09:24:21 WIB
“lockdown larry” @maximum_sincere

let's get the billboard of women in hijab celebrating australia day back up so we can feel like australia day is something it isn't

18/01/2017 10:06:12 WIB
Feldspar Gets Vaccinated @bradboyqld

@AstroSteph It was a billboard for Australia Day but the loonies kicked up a stink & they pulled it down because the girls had hijabs.

18/01/2017 10:41:04 WIB
ignotus @ignotusR

Wow. Australia Day billboard copping it left and right. It's a confusing world. #AustraliaDay

18/01/2017 09:51:12 WIB
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Pasca pencopotan billboard itu, sebagian masyarakat yang tak setuju itu dicopot melakukan penggalangan dana untuk kembali memasang gambar dua anak kecil tsb.

The New Daily @TheNewDailyAu

Fundraising campaign launched to reinstate #AustraliaDay billboard featuring two Muslim girls wearing hijabs:

18/01/2017 10:01:02 WIB
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Kim Stephens @kimbo_stephens

A crowd-funding campaign to return the #australiaday billboard has raised more than $16K in 3 hours @newscomauHQ

18/01/2017 09:57:58 WIB
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hashhag @faustian000

“People are crowd-funding to reinstate an Australia Day billboard”

18/01/2017 09:46:38 WIB


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