Viral: Video Bocah 2 Tahun Coba Selamatkan Kembarannya yang Tertimpa Lemari yang Dipanjatnya

Bukannya menangis tapi bocah ini berpikir bagaimana supaya kembarannya bisa tertolong.

Orang tua kedua bocah laki-laki ini semula merasa enggan membagikan rekaman CCTV ini. Namun, dengan pertimbangan bahwa hal ini bisa menjadi peringatan bagi para orang tua agar memerhatikan pentingnya pengaturan furnitur di dalam rumah, terutama untuk mengunci/mematen furnitur di dinding agar tak membahayakan anak-anak. Ribuan kasus anak-anak tertimpa furnitur di rumah terjadi di Amerika setiap tahunnya.

AJ+ @ajplus

This 2-year-old mustered up the strength to save his twin brother, who was trapped under a dresser 👶🏽💪🏾

04/01/2017 07:43:26 WIB
michelekirkBPR @michelekirkBPR

Incredible footage! 2-year old miraculously moves dresser to save crushed twin brother

04/01/2017 03:44:11 WIB
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TheBlackWatch @NuBlackVision

Must See Video: 2 1/2 year old twin uses superhuman strength lift dresser to save brother…

04/01/2017 11:17:44 WIB
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Tracy Jeffords Jeranek @TracyJeffords

Caught on Video: Two-year-old moves toppled dresser to save twin brother via @fox13

03/01/2017 10:21:22 WIB
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Kwk Media @KwkMedia

INTERNATIONAL: Twin uses super strength to save brother from fallen dresser -…

03/01/2017 23:25:06 WIB
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The Sacramento Bee @sacbee_news

Watch this toddler save his twin brother after a dresser falls on top of him

03/01/2017 21:54:08 WIB
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FOX8 WGHP @myfox8

Watch: Toddler moves fallen dresser to save twin brother

03/01/2017 18:56:12 WIB
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KFOR @kfor

Touching video shows two-year-old moving toppled dresser to save twin brother

03/01/2017 20:25:03 WIB
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Save My Bacon @SaveMyBaconAUS

2-Year-Old Saves Twin Brother From Being Crushed Under Fallen Dresser

03/01/2017 20:39:15 WIB
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🍎Miss New York🍎 @rhonlirob

@ajplus @ajplus Super toddler to the rescue. What do they feed this kid? Spinach?! Way to go kid!

04/01/2017 07:53:18 WIB
Stephanie Sánchez, PhD @StephSanchezPhD

@ajplus wow, those kids were unattended for a long time. Glad they're ok.

04/01/2017 07:47:29 WIB
T-Murdock ™ @MistaTmg

@ajplus I'm Happy The Children Are Ok & How That One Twin Was Able To Move The Dresser But The Parents Shouldn't Leave The Kids Unattended.

04/01/2017 07:53:33 WIB
Mohammad Alqadi @ALQadiPAL

@ajplus love this video . Omg I just cried after that . Plz all take care of your children .

04/01/2017 07:47:09 WIB
Carlie @carlie0928

@ajplus poor kids... so glad they're ok. I hope parents heed the warning of this video.

04/01/2017 09:43:34 WIB
Angelica @TheOnlyAngelica

Regardless if you're in your home, you should be watching & checking up on your children. But yes, child proofing a house is also important.

04/01/2017 07:51:02 WIB
{{ {{ChukwuEmeka}} }} @84Emeka

@ajplus just hope the parents weren't on their smartphones or laptops checking out social media sites

04/01/2017 15:39:26 WIB
Wonder Junkie @_JohnnyJones

@ajplus happened to my brother and I, only I ended up with a fish tank smashing on my head and 50+ stitches. Secure your cabinets!

04/01/2017 08:04:17 WIB

Sharon Price First you can't watch you kids every moment, the brother show logical thinking and reasoning at Two-year. He didn't cry he went into action. Something some adults would do, proud of that brother.

Roberta Bowens I get how this can happen. What I don't get is how they didn't hear the dresser fall, or either one of them crying or yelling (if they were). They're pretty lucky it was empty or he never would have been able to move that.

Reetu S Akter Obviously, he didn't know what he was doing, he's just 2 years old. But the point is he still saved his brother without realizing. I just feel terrible that these kids, my kids gonna grow up and be mean adults like us. Coz we are mean and surrounded by mean people and that's what their gonna learn!
So let's practice to be KIND for our children's sake

Melissa Million-Trimmer Very glad he's ok but, that could've been totally avoided by anchoring the dresser to the wall. Always anchor furniture in children's bedrooms.

Obinna Francis Children's room should be well fixed and organise. The money the parent spent in putting that camera there, can also be used in making sure that the room is in other.
Believe u me. Had that been that the stuff where a bit heavier, it would have been another story, plus CNN won't even no about it..


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