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#BingeDrinking Vs #WineInvestments

Interesting paradox. Spend to drink or spend to invest?
Sophii Vassallo @SophiiVassx

RT @JAYFABPAGE: my @BBCNews Panarama show about binge drinking culture is repeating on #bbc3 worth a watch especially at this party season #drinkaware

14/12/2011 16:15:35 WIB
Jillian @JA_rulebaby

it hasnt even been cold a week yet and i already can't wait for the daytime binge drinking to commence #drunkgirlproblems #zoomassproblems

14/12/2011 15:31:45 WIB
Andy Hoskins @AndyHoskins88

1day then party season/binge drinking season!!!!! Roll on 3pm tomorrow when hopefully my week will be over!!!

14/12/2011 15:18:50 WIB
JC @JenaChristina

all i want is an entire weekend full of binge drinking, pick up trucks, and country music. #please

14/12/2011 13:09:04 WIB
Mandy Sullivan @ciaomandy

Studying is like binge drinking: at some point your brain starts rejecting information just like your liver refusing to process more alcohol

14/12/2011 12:53:26 WIB
hoov @HoovieHoov

Is going on a drinking binge as soon as finals are over.

14/12/2011 12:24:26 WIB
Tyler Grammel @tgram313

I wonder how many MU students will have heart attacks from week long caffeine benders and then binge drinking right after? #collegeproblems

14/12/2011 10:36:04 WIB
Penny @PennySeeds

Non-Traditional Investment Ideas – Wine Investments

07/12/2011 22:32:26 WIB

Looking for an exciting and safe investment? Turn to the bottle!

07/12/2011 19:47:39 WIB

A guide for buying wine for investments » Emirbeyazit Article ...

10/12/2011 04:08:17 WIB

LAst night there was an interesting talk on the BBC about binge drinking.

It is mainly an attitude problem towards alcohol.

Christmas is the time to celebrate with the 25th and the 31st December.

Some people are just saving money to spend it on crates of cheap beer.
It seems that getting drunk is a shameless occupation, whatever age.''

In Europe, behaviour towards alcohol is rather different.

It is usually about drinking to appreciate the taste or to support a meal. The choice of the beverage is important but Brits are attracted to order beer with almost anything. Would this be an education issue: weakness?

There has been a real improvement in the food sector: everything cooked fresh and less micro-wave oven use. Real kitchen chefs have been employed to teach how to cook and eat with flavours.

The paradox with the binge drinking culture is that from now on people have decided to put their cash on wine investments.

On one hand it is about drinking as much as you can to get completely out of your mind.

On the other hand, buying expensive wines as a safe way to invest BUT without drinking it.
Will the British population never learn that it is not about quantity but about quality?''


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