Most Important Twitter Conversation Ever

Important discussions happen on Twitter every day. This is one that shouldn't be missed.
Llanes @tllanes

@Jennyjinx Twitter sez I wasn't following you. What the fark?

13/12/2011 07:57:22 WIB
AntiFa Jinx 🦀 ™®©° @Jennyjinx

@tllanes It's amazing. Lucky for you you remedied that. Haha!

13/12/2011 08:03:19 WIB
AntiFa Jinx 🦀 ™®©° @Jennyjinx

@tllanes I'm going to contact Twitter immediately & demand ALL of their records. We'll get to the bottom if this malarkey! #exlamationpoint

13/12/2011 08:07:21 WIB
Very Serious People™ @TheXclass

@Jennyjinx @tllanes Just falsify a TRO, make up some PO Box address and off to ur local twitter store. You can then buy the IP addresses.

13/12/2011 08:24:54 WIB
Llanes @tllanes

@TheXclass @Jennyjinx *snicker* Y'all are razor-tongued rascals.

13/12/2011 08:26:37 WIB
Very Serious People™ @TheXclass

@tllanes @Jennyjinx Mockery beats rage-filled paranoid ramblings every day!

13/12/2011 08:28:33 WIB
AntiFa Jinx 🦀 ™®©° @Jennyjinx

@TheXclass @tllanes Why buy them? I'll just borrow my neighbor's. And aren't you supposed to stay 50 tweets away from me?

13/12/2011 08:29:29 WIB
Llanes @tllanes

WERD >>> RT @TheXclass: @tllanes @Jennyjinx Mockery beats rage-filled paranoid ramblings every day!

13/12/2011 08:29:47 WIB
AntiFa Jinx 🦀 ™®©° @Jennyjinx

@tllanes @TheXclass What the fuck ever. If I didn't have my RAGE I would be an empty shell of a tro... er...person.

13/12/2011 08:33:50 WIB
Very Serious People™ @TheXclass

@Jennyjinx @tllanes I just greased the palm of the same same judge who granted the fake TRO with a 40 follower bundle. Now I can violate u!

13/12/2011 08:34:19 WIB
Llanes @tllanes

@TheXclass @jennyjinx BAHAHA! Can I pay u in followers for a loaf of bread? My kids are so hungry, mister.

13/12/2011 08:35:42 WIB
Very Serious People™ @TheXclass

@Jennyjinx @tllanes Rage is cool. Paranoid ramblings are not. Happily, your rants are chock full of common sense, decency, and logic.

13/12/2011 08:36:07 WIB
AntiFa Jinx 🦀 ™®©° @Jennyjinx

@TheXclass @tllanes LIES! ALL LIES! Links or it didn't happen, you teller of tall tales. I can't even BELIEVE you said that about ME. Hmph.

13/12/2011 08:38:00 WIB
Very Serious People™ @TheXclass

@tllanes @jennyjinx They are currency. As much as those green pieces of paper with dead presidents pix.

13/12/2011 08:39:01 WIB
AntiFa Jinx 🦀 ™®©° @Jennyjinx

@TheXclass @tllanes I'm about to IP address your ass. It is so on now. Let me get myself a sock in case you block me.

13/12/2011 08:39:14 WIB
AntiFa Jinx 🦀 ™®©° @Jennyjinx

@TheXclass @tllanes Where have you been? They're way better than money. Some day I'm going to be a rich girl... *sighs dreamily*

13/12/2011 08:40:09 WIB
Very Serious People™ @TheXclass

@Jennyjinx @tllanes I've got this thing rigged. I'm artificially inflating the value of followers to create a bubble.I'll sell b4 it pops!

13/12/2011 08:43:39 WIB
Friend to all cats @lols_ohio

@TheXclass @Jennyjinx @tllanes Pardon my interruption, but what do you know of the Library of Congress storing tweets as some claim?

13/12/2011 08:51:21 WIB
Very Serious People™ @TheXclass

@tllanes @Jennyjinx Yes. My scientists have been tweaking the Black-Shoals model to optimize the value of marketable FDS derivatives.

13/12/2011 08:52:02 WIB
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