Da #HipHopEd Rewind: How Can HipHop Pedagogy & Culture develop Student's Cognitive Skills

This is the Rewind from the #HipHopEd chat on 12-13-16. The topic was How HipHop pedagogy and culture can develop students' cognitive skills.
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Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:01:22 WIB
Welcome 2 #HipHopEd Tonight we are discussing how Hip-Hop Pedagogy& Culture can develop a student's cognitive skills
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:02:40 WIB
Cognitive Skills are the foundation that we build the capacity for our Ss to learn core subjects & other realms of info #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:05:27 WIB
We want to make sure that we don't turn tonight's chat into a session of what is wrong with Ss and blame them for it #HipHopEd
Amil Cook @amilcook 14/12/2016 09:05:28 WIB
1st & 4most it's imp 2 be clear our Ss dont lack cognitive abilities or skills but thru #HipHopEd they can magnify & focus & dev them
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:06:36 WIB
Here is the transcript to last week's 12/6/16 #HipHopEd chat: What are you listening to and what is it telling you? twitter.com/TheRealHipHopE…
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:07:46 WIB
Excellent point, so lets focus how Hip-Hop can help their cognitive skills be applied inside of traditional Ed spaces #HipHopEd twitter.com/amilcook/statu…
Amil Cook @amilcook 14/12/2016 09:08:07 WIB
OUT Ss r labeled w/ ADHD, being overly into soc media & rap these challenges aren't unique to OUR youth some is a Millennial thing #HipHopEd
AKAdemic @gjladson 14/12/2016 09:09:43 WIB
#HipHopEd What is working with HH doing 2 Ss minds? What is the cognitive demand?
Lisa Palmieri, PhD⚜️ @Learn21Tech 14/12/2016 09:10:01 WIB
It's all about what engages Ss - #HipHopEd makes learning click and culturally relevant for my Ss! twitter.com/tdj6899/status…
Amil Cook @amilcook 14/12/2016 09:10:14 WIB
Thru #HipHopEd higher levels of cognition, critithinking, attentiveness, comm & critical analysis r unlocked thru relevant reality pedagogy
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:10:15 WIB
Here is an article that discusses cognitive skills in the workplace & provides a list thebalance.com/cognitive-skil… #HipHopEd
Lisa Palmieri, PhD⚜️ @Learn21Tech 14/12/2016 09:11:37 WIB
Right now Ss in @educateyinz have option of integrating #HipHopEd to respond to latest literature they read "How it Went Down."
Amil Cook @amilcook 14/12/2016 09:12:22 WIB
@gjladson I'd say the cog load is heavy & multifaceted requiring #HipHopEd guidance from lyrical references 2 context & phenomena #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:12:45 WIB
@gjladson I think the cognitive demand in the classroom is a more consistent showing of higher order thinking skills #HipHopEd
Raphael Travis Jr. @raptjr 14/12/2016 09:14:10 WIB
Gonna jump in & out tonight... but I think #HipHopEd gives students permission to improve their self & social awareness. Can be #stigma free
FlowStoryATX @FlowStoryATX 14/12/2016 09:14:10 WIB
Gonna jump in & out tonight... but I think #HipHopEd gives students permission to improve their self & social awareness. Can be #stigma free
Amil Cook @amilcook 14/12/2016 09:14:23 WIB
@tdj6899 These sound like old school common sense but all of these are required to master HH arts #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:14:26 WIB
We have 2 realize that although many Ss enjoy Hip-Hop they are not always receptive to it being presented in Ed Spaces #HipHopEd
Philip Russell @Philip_Russell3 14/12/2016 09:15:13 WIB
@amilcook @gjladson it's all about how it's used. The world is at the #HipHopEd(ucator's) fingertips.
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:15:25 WIB
@amilcook Agreed, nothing new but seeing it listed you know what it's like when it is not present #HipHopEd
Amil Cook @amilcook 14/12/2016 09:16:53 WIB
Lots of the deficits of cog skills in our Ss can be attributable to traumas of urban life, poverty, white sup., & inequity #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 14/12/2016 09:17:01 WIB
Hip-Hop provides stories & portrayals of the realities of Ss lives that are relevant & therefore prime for analysis & evaluation #HipHopEd
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 14/12/2016 09:18:05 WIB
Bringing hip-hop skills into schools allows for the creativity & imagination developed outside school to get expressed in school #HipHopEd
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