The UK, the EU and #cleggsongs

Was it John Prescott who dunnit?

I Can't Quit EU Baby!

Prince Charles @Charles_HRH

Tension at Downing Street. Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg haven't spoken to each other all morning. Waiting for them to 'kiss and make up'.

12/12/2011 18:40:44 WIB
John Prescott @johnprescott

So Cameron talks about lack of regulation on RBS. He refused to sign a treaty that would have increased regulation of our banks! #hoc

12/12/2011 22:55:55 WIB
John Prescott @johnprescott

Thought Ed Miliband really hammered Cameron. Good to see #hoc

12/12/2011 22:58:52 WIB
John Prescott @johnprescott

Wow that was quick. We got #cleggsongs as the top trend in the UK within 15 minutes

12/12/2011 23:01:52 WIB
Prince Charles @Charles_HRH

Text from Mr Clegg: "I can't live, if living is without EU". #cleggsongs

12/12/2011 23:04:26 WIB
John Prescott @johnprescott

#cleggsongs is now top trend in the world. Well done everyone

12/12/2011 23:17:32 WIB
Mick Hodgkin @Mickhodgkin

You'll Always Find me in the Coalition at Parties. #cleggsongs

12/12/2011 23:20:32 WIB
1 @jepson66

#CleggSongs EU are so beautiful to me, can't you see.

12/12/2011 23:24:16 WIB
1 @jepson66

#CleggSongs EU don't have to say you love me just be close at hand. EU don't have to stay forever I will understand.

12/12/2011 23:26:19 WIB
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