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YODEL & HDNL ruining Christmas since the 1st December

HDNL and Yodel continue to ruin the festive period with their lack of customer service and non delivery of parcels
Babalosa84 @Babalosa84

Bloody hell... guess what's JUST turned up... still not bloody good enough... looks like it's been dragged through a hedge too! #HDNL

12/12/2011 20:59:39 WIB
Babalosa84 @Babalosa84

As for #HDNL, I'm not a minority who is pissed off with them recently. Looking at the #HDNL trend, a lot of people aren't getting deliveries

12/12/2011 20:52:10 WIB
Babalosa84 @Babalosa84

One complaint submitted to @AmazonUK.... very, very pissed off with them/#HDNL right now!

12/12/2011 20:50:46 WIB
Babalosa84 @Babalosa84

@AmazonUK Can I have you complaints email address please? #HDNL are now 4 days overdue on delivery. This is rediculous!!!

12/12/2011 20:26:53 WIB
Lucy @vidic1976

@GeorgeLuvsKylie Yeah, I know... am waiting for a couple of parcels from Amazon, sent by HDNL. Will let you know if they deliver...

12/12/2011 20:19:26 WIB
Babalosa84 @Babalosa84

#HDNL is F***ING SHIT!!! Expected delivery: 9th December... still not delivered today. I want my postage charge back off #Amazon!!!

12/12/2011 20:18:00 WIB
Lucy @vidic1976

...'I sit and wait'... for HDNL...

12/12/2011 20:10:59 WIB
Phil Hayes @fillhaze

HDNL parcel tracking website says "An error occurred when attempting to retrieve details for the UPI. Please try again later." Yeah!

12/12/2011 20:10:18 WIB
Phil Hayes @fillhaze

Oh good. Just realised the books I've bought will be "delivered" by HDNL/Yodel. This may be very painful.

12/12/2011 19:50:15 WIB
Gemma @fooksie_says

@JLcustserv I know - and mine is coming via HDNL/Yodel. As per my last tweet I have already dealt with this via your call centre.

12/12/2011 19:37:49 WIB
Richard Stamp @FringeGuru

@PhotoBox 2821PNX, but there's no great mystery - I paid for Special Delivery, you sent by HDNL instead, and they're just not reliable.

12/12/2011 19:18:10 WIB
S14N @shesarebel_93

HDNL, why are you even called a delivery company?

12/12/2011 19:09:16 WIB

@thebrainroom I agree Yodel is shit, and HDNL has been merged with DHL to create Yodel??

12/12/2011 19:00:13 WIB @thebrainroom

Aslong as they use delivery services like HDNL and Yodel I will avoid them as much as I can.

12/12/2011 18:59:09 WIB
Ibrahim @IbsLDN

@HDNL SUCKS! Still have not received my order which was due on 08.12!! There website is now experiencing problems. What a joke!!

12/12/2011 18:42:06 WIB
Greg Smith @verko1

RT @fatbusinessman: Another episode of “Tales from HDNL/Yodel”. (PS: tomorrow is bin day)

12/12/2011 18:32:35 WIB
Mark @mark_webster

I doubt I'll renew my @amazonUK Prime account as well if they continue to use @hdnl. Shambles of a delivery service.

12/12/2011 18:08:36 WIB
Mark @mark_webster

@hdnl current status : Possible delay in delivery due to extra carrier processing. 5 days to process next day delivery? Seriously?

12/12/2011 18:07:07 WIB
Richard Sobey @richardsobey

I have never had a #hdnl successful delivery - how are they still in business?

12/12/2011 18:05:39 WIB
Mark @mark_webster

@ups are able to delivery something from Cologne to Manchester in 2 days. @hdnl have had a parcel at the Rochdale depot since the 8th.

12/12/2011 18:05:38 WIB
Richard Sobey @richardsobey

As soon as Amazon dispatched my parcel using #hdnl home delivery network, I knew I wouldn't receive it. Current status "returning to seller"

12/12/2011 18:05:10 WIB
Gemma @fooksie_says

@johnlewisretail whyohwhyohwhyohwhyohwhyohwhyohwhyohwhy must you use Yodel/HDNL for your deliveries?! Do you hate your customers that much?

12/12/2011 17:55:39 WIB
Basheera Khan @Bash

@leisa Join. The. Club. I have *no* idea why Amazon persists in using Yodel/HDNL after the barrage of complaints I've seen from customers.

12/12/2011 17:46:46 WIB
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