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Shoq Heaps Venom on Detractor

@Shoq fired off a tweet at me which he quickly deleted. Too bad I got a photograph of it. Image thereof is appended at the beginning and end. Anyway, this is part of my continuing adventures with Shoq. Good times! Check out timelines before any judgement gets passed. ;)
Andrew @timeoutcorner

MT @Shoq Ya, and @timeoutcorner is from the UK, and a Manning troll, and @Axiarch buddy, (David House).

12/12/2011 13:50:23 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@Shoq You think I'm a 'Manning troll'? Hahaha, you haven't met a real pro-Manning troll. Pray you never do. ^_^ @Butterose @Axiarch

12/12/2011 09:18:35 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@Shoq LOL at you deleting the tweet. Saved, my darling. Kisses! @Butterose @Axiarch

12/12/2011 09:28:22 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

Look how this nut @timeoutcorner cherry picks my #OWS discussion, b/c I mention topic discussed since Nader's book

12/12/2011 11:21:39 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@timeoutcorner Are you always this intellectually dishonest, or only when trying to destroy someone who thinks your buddy is a fraud?

12/12/2011 11:22:33 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@timeoutcorner With my record on #OWS, you come off like a nutty butt hurt Manning troll with an axe to grind. But you have fun, mate.

12/12/2011 11:25:24 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

.@timeoutcorner If you have a mature intellectual argument to make, man-up and make it. Your juvenile acrimony is dull. #p2

12/12/2011 11:26:48 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

This nut, @timeoutcorner spends days time making chirpstories trying to paint me as some enemy of #ows because.. gasp... I have criticisms

12/12/2011 11:34:26 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

Naturally, he gets 1 comment from one of my usual trolls, a nitwit who finds it fun to appear ridiculous in public.

12/12/2011 11:36:55 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@Shoq If my 'juvenile acrimony' is 'dull', why are you responding with such vitriol?

12/12/2011 13:38:17 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@Shoq Also, that tweet you sent me earlier? Saved. I'm so happy you care. <3

12/12/2011 13:39:22 WIB


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