Foto Keindahan Sky Punch Cloud, Fenomena Awan yang Menyerupai Lubang di Langit

lubang di langit ini bukanlah tanda tanda adanya alien, ada penjelasan alamiah nya lho @tumbenlucu

Pernah lihat fenomena awan seperti ini?

Birthday B. @2BeLou

Get up off the ground Punch a hole in the sky Let not the gravity of oppression stop your dream of progression B. on cloud @theclobra

14/11/2016 03:42:55 WIB
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David Finfrock @DavidFinfrock

Great example of a hole punch cloud taken recently by Mark Haug at Championship Circle Golf in Fort Worth More at:…

30/11/2016 04:46:32 WIB
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Morgan Palmer @MorganKIRO7

That's a "hole punch" or fallstreak! Rather rare and often caused by aircraft ascending/descending through cloud deck!…

04/11/2016 05:07:37 WIB
Mark Tarello @mark_tarello

COOL CLOUD! Hole punch cloud seen earlier this week from Cleveland, Ohio. Photo: Denis Tssy. #OHwx

16/11/2016 19:53:43 WIB
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Lori Graham @LGrahamCTV

Cool cloud formation caught on cam this morning over A-13. It's a punch hole cloud or sky punch. Thanks Gale Satoski

09/05/2016 23:48:08 WIB
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AshlandGal @BevFries

I saw the most amazing sight in the sky! A "hole punch" cloud.…

24/02/2016 12:41:18 WIB
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DMI @dmidk

Hole-punch-cloud Skabt af fly gennem sky Forstyrrer skydråber, der fryser Ispartikler synker = hul med 'slør' under

14/01/2016 19:42:30 WIB
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Julia Weiden @JuliaWeiden

Did you see a hole in the sky this AM?? It's a Hole Punch Cloud, and it doesn't happen too often! @WLBT #mswx

30/12/2015 00:22:12 WIB
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Gary G. Abud, Jr. @MR_ABUD

An uncommon sight in the sky! A punch hole cloud formation--courtesy of my neighbor Frank!

11/10/2015 03:57:48 WIB
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Amy @ACaskanette

the sky over Woodstock today. Im told its a fallstreak hole, also known as a punch hole cloud @DiscoveryCanada

02/10/2015 03:35:01 WIB
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Fenomena ini biasa disebut dengan sky punch / hole punch yang disebabkan oleh perbedaan suhu di dalam awan, biasanya terjadi karena awan tersebut dilintasi oleh pesawat yang memiliki tekanan tinggi pada sayapnya


Awan Skypunch adalah fenomena alam yang sebagian besar diamati selama musim dingin ketika suhu di bawah nol mutlak.

29/11/2016 23:53:27 WIB
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Kal @khenidak

"@Know: This is called a "Cloud Punch" and it's usually caused by passing aircraft." don't you mean sky kiss?

11/11/2014 19:08:37 WIB
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Karen M. Smith @kmstexas

North Texas sky today. I think it's called a 'hole punch' cloud. I don't remember seeing these when I was growing up.

23/09/2015 08:47:57 WIB
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WeatherNation @WeatherNation

Beautiful sky! MT @otxwcm: Yesterday's cloud hole punch, fallstreaks, sundog, canal clouds over #Spokane

20/02/2015 04:40:02 WIB
Jeremy Kappell @JeremyKappell

NASA uncovers the mystery behind the strange "Hole Punch Cloud"... #FallStreak #SkyPunchCloud

08/12/2014 09:27:04 WIB
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