[News] Insiden Penembakan Terjadi di Ohio State University, Amerika Serikat

insiden penembakan kembali terjadi di Amerika Serikat, kini di universitas Ohio @tumbenlucu
Trey Gowdy @TGowdySC
Praying for the Ohio State University community and for all emergency officials responding.
LATEST: Video shows emergency responders converging on Ohio State University campus. abcn.ws/2gOSrx1 pic.twitter.com/RrYSZkJBby
TheFancytastic @TheFancytastic
Scary scene at Ohio State. There is currently an active shooter on campus, please help spread the word. #OhioState pic.twitter.com/fUBD8SIP4b
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Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet
Ohio State University is a "gun free zone". Imagine my shock. Only criminals & terrorists allowed to carry guns.

Pelaku berhasil ditangkap oleh aparat

Rust Coast CLE @RustCoastSports
Active shooter at Ohio State believed to be down pic.twitter.com/5igDfUkqTf
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0hour1 @Brian_Was_Here_
Two men in custody at Ohio State one Middle Eastern two Somalian One assailant dead at scene pic.twitter.com/MnHybgHx1m
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Jared Wyand 🇺🇸 @JaredWyand
Here are the two other suspects that were arrested Ohio State University pic.twitter.com/5O3iUTVd7v
CBS News @CBSNews
UPDATE: A 20-year-old Somali man is the suspect in the Ohio State University attack cbsn.ws/2fJ92k4 pic.twitter.com/kdOzF7aWiV
Coronavirus Update: @pzf
ACTIVE SHOOTER: - Ohio State Campus - 2 Suspects - 1 suspect down 1 AT LARGE - 7 shot - FBI and ATF en route Stay with @pzf for the latest.
Jared Wyand 🇺🇸 @JaredWyand
🚨BREAKING: Deceased Ohio State University terrorist identified as Somali Muslim Ali Muhammad He is commanded to do this👇🏻 pic.twitter.com/70UiWFHIAA
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Insiden tersebut menelan 9 korban luka dan menewaskan 1 pelaku penembakan

BuzzFeed News @BuzzFeedNews
OSU Shooting Update: Report of active shooter on Ohio State campus -7 individuals transported to hospitals -Shelter in place pic.twitter.com/hSntCYnwzj
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AJ+ @ajplus
UPDATE: The attack at Ohio State University involved a car and a butcher knife. pic.twitter.com/6LL9Cq5h86
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Breaking911 @Breaking911
OHIO STATE SHOOTING: - 8 Shot - 7 Stable - 1 Critical - 1 Suspect Dead breaking911.com/breaking-activ…

Pray for Ohio State University

Penn State @penn_state
Our thoughts are with the students, faculty and staff at Ohio State. pic.twitter.com/jOw1c2aHyd
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Matthew Espinosa @MatthewEspinosa
please everyone stay safe in Ohio! 😞😞
To everyone at Ohio State University, I am sending my love, prayers, and courage. We are all sending positivity 💕


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