Duh! Alat Kelamin Pria Ini Pindah ke Lutut Setelah Selingkuh Dengan Istri Orang Lain

Karma dari perselingkuhan, alat kelamin seorang pria di Kenya berpindah ke lutut setelah dirinya selingkuh dengan istri orang.
international Perselingkuhan Kenya alatkelaminpindah karmaselingkuh
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Hati-hati kalau mau selingkuh, ini salah satu akibatnya

YoungHusband @iAmGaucho_
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Commissioner for Happiness @MrsOgechi0lolo
dlvr.it/MkyBHZ Photos: Man’s Manhood Becomes Extremely Swollen After He Slept With Someone Else’s Wife (Must See) pic.twitter.com/ytQDzZjBKh
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#drivein no be small tin oo😣😣 Man’s Manhood Moves To His Knee After Sex With Another Man's Wife buzznigeria.com/mans-manhood-m… @Neni_b_says

Aneh tapi nyata, di Kenya, alat kelamin seorang pria berpindah ke lutut setelah ia berselingkuh dengan istri orang lain. Memang kebiasaan warga setempat, meminta tolong dukun (ilmu hitam) untuk melindungi pasangannya agar tidak selingkuh. Sehingga ketika pasangannya selingkuh, biasanya akan mengalami hal-hal aneh yang membuat perselingkuhan tidak lancar. Warga pun meyakini suami dari istri tersebut yang melakukannya.

Sang istri pun meminta suaminya agar mengembalikan mantra agar alat kelamin selingkuhannya kembali ke tempatnya. Namun, si suami menolak meski ditawari uang sekitar Rp 2,67 juta.

URL Nigeria News Online & Breaking News | BuzzNigeria.com Black Magic! Man’s Manhood Moves To His Knee After Sex With Another Man’s Wife The fear of African magic is the beginning of wisdom! There are two things to grab from this story especially for the men. One is that black magic is real in Africa and the other is that another ma…

Banyak yang setuju hal itu akan menjadi pelajaran bagi pria tersebut

Nngozi Mavis It sounds him right

Ibrahim Bologi Congratulations am very happy for him

Gueli Kokouvi Good. ..a lesson for others...someone's wife is no go area....

Eze Joseph Good for him, since single girls are no more, if another man do the to his wife how would he feel

Oloyede Abeni This should be a lesson for those that don't use to appreciate what they have, but they can kill them self because of another persons wives,

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