Hihihi Kumpulan Meme Coldplay Ini Bisa Hibur Kamu Yang Nggak Dapat Tiket Konser

Tiket Coldplay di Singapura sold out, mending kamu lihat meme-meme coldplay ini
URL brilio.net 11 Tiket editan ini kocaknya bikin ngakak sambil geleng-geleng kepala Meme ini juga bisa hibur kamu yang gagal nonton konser Coldplay.
wisnu @wisnukunt

coldplay mau seminggu konser di singapur juga kalo ga punya duit beli tiket buat apa. pic.twitter.com/NZJZ0j7fW0

24/11/2016 09:51:52 WIB
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detikcom @detikcom

Tiket Coldplay Sold Out, Meme Jadi Tempat Curhat detik.id/648uZK via @detikinet pic.twitter.com/l7wqe8Rw0K

22/11/2016 00:08:50 WIB
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ʰᵉᵐᵃ @Hema2110_

Me when I found out Coldplay's ticket sold out in less than 2 hours pic.twitter.com/fmoezE4B4s

21/11/2016 20:42:48 WIB
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chris @muqrizes

*Coldplay tickets sold out* Me: I have a solution pic.twitter.com/K0uXl3Jk9c

21/11/2016 17:12:49 WIB
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a n a @an4rzl

When u waited for 1-2 weeks to buy coldplay's tix. And when the day comes, go its website but it got sold out. So you waited for nothing.. pic.twitter.com/6tm1Y9E0l2

21/11/2016 14:11:08 WIB
anna p @annapeasoup

When you're on @Ticketmaster right at noon but all the @coldplay tickets are sold out pic.twitter.com/QriDHghRFz

11/10/2016 00:14:03 WIB
Noa Piombo⚓️ @Noa_Piombo

When you can go to your 1st concert but after 5 minutes it's SOLD OUT and people sell tickets for 1946487 € #SoldOutColdplayMilan @coldplay pic.twitter.com/KjZPF8mLqT

10/10/2016 04:56:51 WIB


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