Why people love the online SLP communities

From my blog giveaway Nov 13-17, 2012 during ASHA 2012 for those not at ASHA this year.
debra @dibsondebs

#slpeeps I've made such awesome SLP friends and never thought I'd learn as much as I have W/O going to a conference #ashaless

14/11/2012 09:11:59 WIB
debra @dibsondebs

#slpeeps I love that others corroborate my thoughts/ideas I use w/ my students & correct me when I need it in a helpful manner #ashaless

14/11/2012 10:15:34 WIB
Gemma @GemSLT

Getting pretty jealous as am #ASHAless but love to hear tweet stories from the #SLPeeps and can't wait to hear more over next few days!

15/11/2012 01:35:53 WIB
Denise Durbin @SLPdeni

@SLPTanya I love twitter @SLPTanya because she keeps me up to date on all new happenings! #slpeeps #ashaless #loveprizes

15/11/2012 03:07:00 WIB
Rhiannan Walton @RhiannanW

@SLPTanya complicated: had to double check instructions! Love global nature of #SLPeeps, new speechie friends all over the world #ASHAless

15/11/2012 04:33:58 WIB
Rhiannan Walton @RhiannanW

@SLPTanya (lower & upper case hashtags)Love "hanging out" with #SLPeeps who do very different roles from mine. #ASHAless #VarietySpiceOfLife

15/11/2012 04:39:27 WIB
debra @dibsondebs

I have never felt like I have belonged to a group nor accepted more than I have with #slpeeps thank you for being so awesome! #ashaless.

15/11/2012 05:34:25 WIB
Fiona Collins @SpeechTeach63

#SLPeeps #ASHAless I love Twitter. It's the best global CPD around & it's all free!

15/11/2012 06:03:56 WIB
Megan Leece @meganleece

#slpeeps, even #ASHAless ones, have always been a great resource. Great chance to share new info & collaborate.

15/11/2012 09:51:26 WIB
Gemma @GemmaHolleran

I love feeling part of such a big #slpeeps community on twitter even without leaving my house. #ashaless

15/11/2012 14:14:22 WIB
Gaenor Dixon @Rooandjoey

@SLPTanya I learn so much in so many places; from the comfort of my couch, to the uhoh what do I do in 5 minutes client! #slpeeps #ashaless

15/11/2012 18:03:06 WIB
Skye @theblueskye

@SLPTanya I love the #slpeeps for the professional knowledge I've gained plus all the friends I've made. I'm #ashaless but not alone! 💃

15/11/2012 20:19:01 WIB
Ashley @alour

@SLPTanya Being a part if #slpeeps helped me when I had no near colleagues for support. #ashaless

15/11/2012 20:45:27 WIB
Ashley @alour

@SLPTanya The #slpeeps make me realize I'm not alone when I struggle with or vent about something. #ashaless

15/11/2012 20:46:40 WIB
Ashley @alour

@SLPTanya The #slpeeps are sometimes the only ones around to truly understand my geeky, speechy sense of humour. #ashaless

15/11/2012 20:47:52 WIB
Ashley @alour

@SLPTanya I joined Twitter reluctantly at the urging of a friend and the #slpeeps made me stay and made me thrive here. #ashaless

15/11/2012 20:49:13 WIB
Ashley @alour

@SLPTanya Being a part if the #slpeeps has brought new and amazing therapy and ax ideas to both myself and my team at work #ashaless

15/11/2012 20:50:59 WIB
debra @dibsondebs

#slpeeps I love being able to hobnob with the absolute best SLPs and actually interact with them, albeit virtually #ashaless

16/11/2012 01:05:43 WIB
Gemma @GemmaHolleran

Love waking up to #ASHA12 tweets. Hoping it will inspire me right through my Friday sessions and paperwork! #slpeeps #ashaless

16/11/2012 03:37:14 WIB
debra @dibsondebs

I love all the puns & jokes that get tossed around among #slpeeps. I'm always guffawing out loud. Thank goodness no one can hear #ashaless

16/11/2012 10:13:12 WIB
Skye @theblueskye

I'm thankful for the #slpeeps because even tho I'm #ashaless I'm getting great info @SLPTanya

17/11/2012 07:26:04 WIB


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