Pria Ini Menaruh Dua Ular di Tubuh Pacarnya Yang Sedang Tidur. Lihat Apa Yang Terjadi.

Seorang pria ngerjain pacarnya yang sedang tidur dengan menaruh dua ular di tubuhnya. Kita lihat yang terjadi, apa mereka bakal putus karena hal itu?
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Pacarnya takut sama ular, pria ini pun ngerjain dengan menaruh ular di tubuh pacarnya.

Ngurek Mania Mantap @asen_ruhyat
His girlfriend hates snake, So he tipped pythons all over her!: via @YouTube
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Videos Online @videos05
Boyfriend plays awful snake prank on his sleeping girlfriend: via @YouTube
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Dalam video tersebut, seorang pria menaruh dua ekor ular di tubuh pacarnya yang sedang tidur. Sontak sang pacar kaget dan sangat ketakutan. Ia berteriak agar ular tersebut disingkirkan darinya. Namun, si pria malah tertawa bersama teman lain yang mengabadikan kejadian tersebut. Setelah ular dipindahkan, sang pacar menangis dan kesal dengan si pria. Melihatnya, si pria coba menenangkan pacarnya.

URL YouTube His girlfriend hates snake, So he tipped pythons all over her! His girlfriend hates snake, So he tipped pythons all over her!

Namun, banyak yang mengecam tindakan pria tersebut, netizen merasa perbuatannya tidak lucu dan hanya membuat sang pacar tambah ketakutan.

Amy Wolford This is almost abusive. If someone did that to me with spiders, I would no longer be with them. That is cruel and absolutely not funny.

Henrique Manuel P. Andrade That poor girl! She was so scared for her life, and her douche bag of a boyfriend decided to do that to her?! If someone did that to me, I would never speak to them again. This boy is basically exploiting her phobia, and posting it on the net... This is truly disgusting, If I were her, I would break up with him.

Ann Mornin Frink I do not have a fear of snakes, but I do have fears. What he did was wrong. Clearly, she was scared. You don't do that to someone you love. I am all for jokes, but this went too far.

Gabriela Cobar Wow, I'm all for joking and having some fun but this is just too much. She's clearly terrified of snakes, I am too. If anyone did that to me on purpose they would no longer be in my life! This is cruel and I would say abusive.

Annissa Ross Maestri That is emotional abuse, how could he do that. Totally senseless and mean. That's one way to end the relationship, he could just break up like a normal person.

Juan Fernando Rubio One thing is a quick prank, like screaming to somebody surprisingly, but torturing someone, exploiting their biggest fear and fobia is just cruel. Almost a crime. Not funny at all. Not a little bit.
And putting and entire crew of cameras to record her screaming in panic and humiliation is even worse.
What a douchebag!

Neelie Pink Instead of helping her to get over her fear of snakes, he actually traumatised her even more. Also because he says that those snakes are venomous. Absolutely horrifying for someone who is scared of those animals. This is abuse!
What I also not understand, why are there people in the room laughing and filming her scream of fear?


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