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Getting Your Marketing Ready for 2017

How can you use the rest of 2016 to get your destination marketing ready for 2017?
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Get more coffee/tea/whatever - #tourismchat starts in 5 minutes. Topic is getting your destination marketing ready for 2017.

18/11/2016 02:55:01 WIB
Tourism Currents @TourismCurrents

We're proud to be on the @tourismchat team - next #tourismchat starts in 3 minutes, about getting your marketing ready for 2017. Join us?

18/11/2016 02:57:00 WIB
Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS

Putting on my @tourismchat hat to help run #tourismchat in 2 minutes. Topic today is getting your destination marketing ready for 2017.

18/11/2016 02:58:01 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Welcome to #tourismchat on getting ready for 2017 marketing. Pls take a moment to introduce yourself & tell us who you are & what you do.

18/11/2016 03:00:04 WIB
Katie Utken @KatieU57

@tourismchat Katie from @VisitHamiltonCo. I'm our digital marketing coordinator (aka, the voice behind our social channels). #tourismchat

18/11/2016 03:01:14 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Don't forget to use the #tourismchat hashtag in each tweet or we won't "see" you. Dashboards & tools like @TweetChat can help.

18/11/2016 03:02:01 WIB
Sheila Wiebe @SheilaExploreON

Ready for #tourismchat as I sit waiting to board flight to YTZ

18/11/2016 03:02:19 WIB
Vicky Soderberg @CygnetUpdates

I'm Vicky from chilly (but not snowy here) Helena, MT #tourismchat

18/11/2016 03:02:56 WIB
Taylor Voth @t_andersen

@tourismchat Hello! My name is Taylor Voth & I am the Social Media Manager for @VisitOKC! Really excited for this #tourismchat!

18/11/2016 03:03:43 WIB
Sheila Wiebe @SheilaExploreON

#tourismchat #newbie I am the tourism product development specialist for provincial parks in Ontario.

18/11/2016 03:05:01 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Here's Q1 - What is your go-to strategic document to kick off 2017 planning? What's your get-started process? #tourismchat

18/11/2016 03:05:01 WIB
Katie Utken @KatieU57

@tourismchat Three tiers of goals: organizational, departmental and individual. Not to mention content calendars, etc. #tourismchat

18/11/2016 03:05:55 WIB
LauraBeth Strickland @lblyons

@KatieU57 @tourismchat I like to make goals as well to help me stay on track with our messaging #tourismchat

18/11/2016 03:07:36 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

When tweeting responses use A1, A2, A3 for Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. That way we know which Q your A is for. :) #tourismchat

18/11/2016 03:06:01 WIB
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