URL the Guardian Amazon TV ad features imam and vicar exchanging gifts Online retailer says campaign in US, UK and Germany is about ‘selflessness and thinking of other people’

Sebuah iklan yang baru2 ini dikeluarkan oleh Amazon menarik perhatian dunia.

Iklan ini menceritakan sepasang sahabat imam muslim dan pendeta kristen saling bertukar hadiah.

Kedua bapak itu sama2 mengeluhkan hal yang sama, lutut yang sakit. Sebagai bentuk kepeduliannya kepada sahabatnya, mereka masing2 memesan sebuah barang di portal online shop Amazon sebagai hadiah kepada sahabatnya.

Tak disangka ternyata hadiah yang mereka kirim, sama2 barang yang sama.

Sweeeeeeeettt bangeeettt...!!!!! :)

We should have more people like these in the middle of religion chaotic right now.
Campaign @Campaignmag
Amazon's festive ad stars an imam and a priest with a message of friendship despite differences bit.ly/2ffCfjS pic.twitter.com/pf2QetimmN
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The Express Tribune @etribune
WATCH: New Amazon ad shows priest and Imam exchanging gifts goo.gl/Hv4mGI pic.twitter.com/KpeaVOEzc3
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The Express Tribune @etribune
Watch: Imam and priest exchange gifts in Amazon's festive ad goo.gl/Hv4mGI pic.twitter.com/Tgy6Zrtgnb
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tas @tasnimakther_
How beautiful is the Amazon Prime ad? Literally has me in tears 😭❤️ pic.twitter.com/1818EqT4SF
Alexander Thian @aMrazing
One of the most beautiful ads, ever. Well done, Amazon UK. :‘) pic.twitter.com/oYbO3TosHb
The amazon advert with the Christian and Muslim man is cute
tas @tasnimakther_
I thought they got the shin pads for each other to play football but it was for prayer i'm cry 😭😭😭
👑 @MaryamChoudhry_
Absolutely the best commercial I've ive seen on telly is the Amazon one, with a Christian and Muslim. #Onelove
kanaya @KanayaPrakoso
@tasnimakther_ that is the most beautiful and amazing commercial I've ever saw 😍😍
WiseOne‎ @Ghazali3274
@tasnimakther_ Ma'shaa'Allah this is most amazing advert I ever seen
Simi Sunny @SimiSunny1
@tasnimakther_ @realisticrazen I was so happy when I first saw it. It made me smile and giving me a little hope
Realistic @optimisticrazen
@SimiSunny1 we are going to need more than this. We have let a group of white supremacist take over our government
Simi Sunny @SimiSunny1
@realisticrazen Same ^-^ I hope that this will spread love and happiness. I'm really tired of the hate and sadness that I've been seeing.


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