#IntJC Session 24 Sat November 17,2012: CPD for Interpreters

Session 24 of The Interpreting Journal Club. Read details here. https://sites.google.com/site/interpretjc/home
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Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:00:10 WIB
Hi everyone, good morning, good day, good evening from Tokyo at 10 pm this Saturday November 17. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:00:41 WIB
Session 24 of The Interpreting Journal Club is now boarding. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:01:33 WIB
Today's session will be co-hosted with Vero Riva in Buenos Aires so we are in good hands. http://t.co/aeVwV9Dk #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:02:24 WIB
We will spend the following minutes to go through the usual check list on how to participate so that you can join. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:03:10 WIB
And you can join anytime, but when you do, state who you are, where you are and what you do terp wise. Someting like this ... #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:03:40 WIB
I am Lionel, in Tokyo, into liaison interpreting for business between Jp,Eng and Fr. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:04:49 WIB
You may already know that today's session topic is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for Interpreters #IntJC
Vero Riva @vero_riva 17/11/2012 20:05:54 WIB
Merci, Lionel! :) Hello, everyone! This is Vero in Buenos Aires, English-Spanish translator & beginner interpreter. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:06:53 WIB
Also keep a tab open on this blog post. The discussion points are listed at the end: http://t.co/vPLcyjBv #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:07:54 WIB
@vero_riva Bonjour Vero:) We are missing Flor in the cockpit, but she is going through training right now. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:08:28 WIB
For more information on our co-host Vero Riva, check here: http://t.co/aeVwV9Dk #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:09:22 WIB
You must have noticed that no reading material on CPD was suggested except for links to examples of CPD. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:10:08 WIB
The reason for that is simply that I could not find anything of value, but you may know better so provide links you deem valuable #IntJC
Avinc @avinc1 17/11/2012 20:11:10 WIB
#IntJC Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone! This is Isabel on behalf of Avinc from beautiful Venezuela!
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:11:26 WIB
Also an apology, Las discusiones son en inglés, and the links refer to English resources too. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:12:16 WIB
There are of course CPD opportunities that are not advertised in English. #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:12:58 WIB
There is no intention here to ignore these, but it is my ignorance of what happens in your non-English territories that explains that #IntJC
José Luis Villanueva @VillanuevaJL 17/11/2012 20:13:20 WIB
Greetings to all! Cannot attend (again) but will read you later ;-) Be safe @lioneltokyo #intjc
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:14:03 WIB
Hope this session will be an opportunity to hear about CPD in your territories and non-English language, what is available or not #IntJC
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo 17/11/2012 20:14:33 WIB
@avinc1 Hello Isabel. Thanks to come here as always. #IntJC
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual 17/11/2012 20:14:39 WIB
Good day everyone! I'm a Spanish court interpreter in the US and happy to participate in today's #IntJC session.
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