Reaksi Kocak Netizen Tanggapi Trump Jadi Presiden AS Dalam Bentuk Meme

Netizen asing membuat status dalam bentuk meme ekspresikan reaksi mereka mendengar Donald Trump menjadi Presiden Amerika Serikat
SPORF @Sporf

FACT: A £5 treble on: - Leicester winning the PL ✔️ - Brexit happening ✔️ - Trump becoming president ✔️ ...would have paid out £12.5m 😳💰

09/11/2016 16:18:18 WIB
TheFootballRepublic @TheFootballRep

When you wake up and see that Donald Trump is the new President of the United States...

09/11/2016 16:21:59 WIB
Jon Snow @LordSnow

Donald "Joffrey" Trump is the elected President of the U.S. Good luck, everyone. #ElectionNight

09/11/2016 15:57:52 WIB
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Zee @bea_zeee

Trump mocking a disabled reporter. This is who you voted for? I fear for minorities, the vulnerable. #RIPAmerica

09/11/2016 15:57:32 WIB
Paddy Power @paddypower

Donald Trump's first statement when he gets into the Whitehouse... #ElectionNight

09/11/2016 15:57:22 WIB
Zoe Sugg @ZoeSugg

Oh dear god... I'm not sure what's more terrifying. Trump as president or the amount of people who voted for him.

09/11/2016 15:43:31 WIB
Mitch Kinney @MitchKinney

Melania Trump is replacing Michelle Obama as The First Lady.....

09/11/2016 15:33:27 WIB
Luke Birch @LukeBirch_

Hitler: Make Germany Great Again *elected* Trump: Make America Great Again *elected*

09/11/2016 15:32:09 WIB
Leelah Voe @leelahvoe

So happy Trump is president! Finally get to test out my DIY skills x

09/11/2016 15:32:14 WIB
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