Genius! Wanita di China Jual 20 iPhone 7 Pemberian 20 Pacarnya Untuk Membeli Sebuah Rumah

Wanita di China ini genius, ia menjual 20 iPhone 7 pemberian dari 20 pacarnya untuk membeli sebuah rumah.
Metro @MetroUK

Woman buys a house by getting all 20 of her boyfriends to get her an iPhone

29/10/2016 21:12:32 WIB

Xiaoli, dari Shenzhen di China, berhasil meyakinkan 20 pacarnya agar masing-masing membelikannya iPhone 7. Ia kemudian menjual 20 iPhone 7 tersebut melalui situs Hui Shou Nao sehingga mendapat 115.010 yuan atau setara Rp 222 juta. Dari uang hasil penjualan tersebut, Xiaoli akhirnya bisa membeli sebuah rumah yang cukup besar di desa asalnya di China.

*Menurut Proud Qiaoba, yang tampaknya rekan kerja Xiaoli, ia adalah anak pertama dari keluarga yang tidak kaya. Ibunya adalah seorang ibu rumah tangga dan ayahnya adalah seorang pekerja migran. Mungkin Xiaoli merasa beban karena orangtuanya semakin tua dan berharap bisa membelikan rumah untuk keduanya. Namun, tak disangka dengan cara seperti itu.

Ayahnya Naz Naj @mr_aryadii

@kompascom nie yg pinter cewenya atau yg bodo cowonya, bisa gak ketahuan ampe 20 pacarnya hahahhahahaha

30/10/2016 20:58:20 WIB
BROTHER LOVE @militarymodell

20 iphone 7 for a house #kolewerk. Xiaoli you smart. Come and take another 20 and buy ur mama an estate.

01/11/2016 10:07:14 WIB
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tremalika_ @tremalika_

@Matt_Brockett but my thing is how you keep up w 20 guys and convince them all to buy you a iphone7 🤔

01/11/2016 05:38:51 WIB
. @iCookChickens

@ComplexMagLife what type of house? I have the money I wanna live where she lives lol

01/11/2016 05:10:43 WIB
Raaaandy @raaaaaaaaandy

@ComplexMagLife @Van_city_Nucks Then some huge marketing firm offers her a high paying job based on this story alone.

01/11/2016 02:51:36 WIB

Belinda Guo ت I'm so impressed! How do u get 20 guys to buy u an iPhone each? Is like how do you even invest the time to make all the 20 bfs "love you enough" to spend that kind of amount?!

Steve Lim How does she manage all 20 at a time?

Like on her birthday, or that on weekends.

It quite impressive that she manage to organize a schedule to fit in 20 dudes and still working

Ranei Ho Tell them your birthday on all different 20 dates n hint for a phone. It's that easy. I'm impressed with her entrepreneurship skills. Hinting them that your phone is about to break down and you won't be able to reach them unless they buy you an iPhone helps too. I'm also impressed that she didn't spend the money on some stupid expensive branded bag.

Austin Theng To buy a house in Singapore.. Probably need about 400+ boyfriends to sell 400 iPhones? But that alone is just buying a space, haven't count renovations and buying of furnitures.


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