eTwinning Conference

Athens 2016
Irene Pateraki @eirpateraki

#etconf16 I already miss you! Hope you have a great relaxing Sunday all!

30/10/2016 17:01:16 WIB
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EduTV_Greece @EduTV_Greece

The European Conference eTwinning in the National Greek TV Hellenic eTwinning ERT #ETConf16 #GRedu

30/10/2016 16:59:22 WIB
A Gilleran @dublin_anne

@_conorgalvin @Leargas @cesitweets @eTwinningEurope guess this underlines closing messages about intergenerational teaching #ETConf16

30/10/2016 16:07:11 WIB
Donal O Reilly 🇮🇪 🇪🇺 @DpDonal

@Katja_EUN Just realised that you were over. So disappointed to have missed you. Some other time. Hope you enjoyed #ETConf16 , I did.

30/10/2016 15:49:54 WIB
eTwinning Strasbourg @eTwinning_Stras

#eTconf16 c'est déjà fini! Un très grand MERCI ETwinning Europe et eTwinning France, et BRAVO @HelleniceTwinning...

30/10/2016 15:31:34 WIB
eTwinning Strasbourg @eTwinning_Stras

#eTconf16 à #Athènes organisée par ETwinning Europe à la télévision nationale grecque, have a look:...

30/10/2016 15:22:14 WIB
Jeanette Simon @Damestweets

Can't wait to share everything I've learnt abt #DigitalCitizenship and #eSafety at #ETConf16 w/ colleagues @HMCmbovakschool.

30/10/2016 14:51:20 WIB
Jeanette Simon @Damestweets

The day after. Proud to be part of this wonderful & inspiring #eTwinning family. Thanks @eTwinningEurope for #ETConf16 - it was fantastic!

30/10/2016 14:42:29 WIB
eTwinning Greece @eTwinningGr

#ETConf16 The European Conference on the National TV ETwinning Europe

30/10/2016 13:42:53 WIB
eTwinning Greece @eTwinningGr

#ETConf16 The European Conference on the National TV ETwinning Europe…

30/10/2016 13:42:12 WIB
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André @andre_montagne

André Montagne, le Journal est sorti de presse!… Les unes d'aujourd'hui via @docaucentre #etconf16 #etwinning

30/10/2016 08:18:36 WIB
Donal O Reilly 🇮🇪 🇪🇺 @DpDonal

And that's a wrap! My first #ETConf16 & so inspirational. Made many new friends & project partners. Thank you @Leargas for facilitating.

30/10/2016 04:00:46 WIB
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Arjana Blazic @abfromz

@eTwinningEurope We have to be ready!And many of us already are #etwinning provides us w/ ample opportunity to learn how to do it! #etconf16

30/10/2016 03:16:40 WIB
eTwinning Greece @eTwinningGr

Και οι πρωτες φωτογραφίες από το #etconf16

30/10/2016 00:05:48 WIB
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