Aftermath & Live-tweeting at #ASHG16 part2 @GeneticsSociety #genomics #precisionmedicine #Genetics #health #pgx #ngs

Applied Biosystems @AppliedBio

Low level somatic variant detection by Sanger sequencing of FFPE samples for Precision Oncology- #ASHG16 Download

26/10/2016 12:13:04 WIB
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Melissa A. Wilson @sexchrlab

<snort> 5yo just whispered to the @Affymetrix magic 8 ball from #ASHG16: "What does the fox say?" It answered: 42 #sciparent

26/10/2016 09:20:55 WIB
cancel rent @CatharineKrebs

Spookiest quote from #ASHG16: "Our genome is a graveyard" -Tony Capra of @VanderbiltU re: transposable element resting sites 👻 ⚰ 🎃 🏚 🕸 🕷

26/10/2016 04:47:27 WIB
Hussein Al-Asadi @halasadi89

post #ASHG16 activities (that's me fishing in the middle).

26/10/2016 03:49:29 WIB
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Sarah Nelson @blueyedgenes

As featured at #ASHG16 plenary session on "late-breaking" abstracts…

26/10/2016 03:16:41 WIB
Arabgenes @Arabgenes

Identification of a second gene mutated in capillary malformation–arteriovenous malformation (CM-AVM2) #ASHG16

26/10/2016 03:05:17 WIB
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SeqComplete @SeqComplete

#genomics #ASHG16 GeneticsSociety: IamBugsPotter they'll be on the ASHG web portal in a few weeks. Registrants will get an email once they'…

26/10/2016 02:23:58 WIB
ASHG @GeneticsSociety

@IamBugsPotter they'll be on the ASHG web portal in a few weeks. Registrants will get an email once they're online #ASHG16

26/10/2016 02:22:13 WIB
Frontiers Genetics @FrontGenetics

Inspired by #ASHG16? Ideas to be communally explored further? Take a look at how a #ResearchTopic can work for you:…

26/10/2016 00:53:00 WIB
Jedidiah Carlson @JedMSP

At least 3 hrs of lab mtg today/tmrw dedicated to recapping #ASHG16. Time to review all those live tweets.

25/10/2016 22:59:39 WIB
Zivana @ztfra

from last week in Vancouver #GA4GH2016 #ASHG16

25/10/2016 22:36:29 WIB
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Wanda @WandaLattanzi

@biomilly you're right far as I know you were among the awardees.... congrats!!!! #ASHG16 @GeneticsSociety…

25/10/2016 21:12:52 WIB
Michael Hoffman @michaelhoffman

This is a very different sort of meeting from the last one. Last week #ASHG16: cornbread analogies This week #casraiCA16: burger analogies

25/10/2016 21:09:40 WIB
Applied Biosystems @AppliedBio

Full Poster Download #ASHG16 A high throughput TaqMan CFTR mutation genotyping workflow.

25/10/2016 16:36:03 WIB
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Mirjam Plantinga @MirjamPlantinga

From #ASHG16 in Vancouver to our research retreat in Kloosterburen, great talk @RolfGenetics

25/10/2016 15:20:31 WIB
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Razib 🥭 ☧ Khan @razibkhan

@AdamRutherford hey, ppl at at #ASHG16 were saying i should recommend your book. just an fyi

25/10/2016 13:57:14 WIB
SeqComplete @SeqComplete

Top story #ASHG16: genome_gov on Twitter: "Centers of Mendelian Genomics 2015 R……, see more

25/10/2016 10:58:08 WIB
Razib 🥭 ☧ Khan @razibkhan

biggest surprise from #ASHG16, some people don't read supplements! if topic of interest, always try to. what say you?

25/10/2016 10:29:27 WIB
Joshua Randall @joshulux

Still in Vancouver area after #ASHG16? Try Chestnut Ale from @whistlerbrewing - very nice dark ale - my favorite from the region by far!

25/10/2016 07:53:58 WIB
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