The Occupy Movement, the cuts, the August riots, Thom Yorke, 3D and the Queen

Audio ammunition. Listen while reading:
Douglas @DougKliever DJ mix from 3D of Massive Attack for Occupy London. Rmxs from Massive, The Clash,Thom Yorke, Kanye etc.. Real nice.

01/12/2011 23:23:27 WIB
OccupyRadio @OccupyRadioUK

Let's start building? New material 4 @OccupyLSX from 3D (Massive Attack) and Tim Goldsworthy (UNKLE). Just for the 99%:

02/12/2011 02:29:49 WIB
Brendan Randall @brendanrandall

Wow - According to an interview with 3D World [via NME], Thom Yorke and (MF) DOOM are doing a “whole record together”

02/12/2011 19:29:50 WIB
Mark Donne @donne_mark

Front page of Sunday Times says IT ALL about establishment media: "Queen shares pain with pay freeze" hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahah

04/12/2011 18:14:06 WIB
Mark Donne @donne_mark

Lets talk about the "pain" the Queen is "sharing"...........

04/12/2011 18:16:55 WIB
Mark Donne @donne_mark

“Queen Elizabeth has an estimated personal net worth of $500 million that comes from property holdings, extensive art and fine jewellery...”

04/12/2011 18:25:26 WIB
Mark Donne @donne_mark

“Not included are those assets belonging to the Crown Estate, which she gets to enjoy as Queen, such as $10 billion worth of real estate..."

04/12/2011 18:26:02 WIB
Mark Donne @donne_mark

"...Buckingham Palace (worth another $5 billion), the Royal Art collection, The Queen also recs an annual stipend of $12.9 million.....”

04/12/2011 18:26:52 WIB
Mark Donne @donne_mark

The only "pain" is finger strain of calculating fortunes, which she is emphatically not "sharing" with her subjects.

04/12/2011 18:29:00 WIB
Mark Donne @donne_mark

Surreal absurdity of the ST front page deeply patronising to its readers & to all of us?She is NOT sharing pain, she is not sharing anything

04/12/2011 18:33:40 WIB
Mark Donne @donne_mark

On page 2 of the Sunday times, we read that the pain sharing queen just bought a new horse for 500k. I'm livid. I hate manipulation so much.

04/12/2011 19:17:44 WIB
HeardinLondon 💚 @HeardinLondon

Photos of letter allegedly from City of London Police listing #Occupy London & @bankofideas as terrorists / extremeists

04/12/2011 22:20:27 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

Revealed: how frustration with police helped fuel the riots: #ReadingTheRiots

05/12/2011 15:27:10 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

My main story: Rioters accounts of England's civil unrest: #ReadingTheRiots

05/12/2011 15:28:32 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

Three months, 30 researchers, 270 interviews with rioters, 1.3 million words. < #ReadingTheRiots explained

05/12/2011 15:30:04 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

The England "riot commute": must watch animated map of riot journeys: #ReadingTheRiots

05/12/2011 17:39:19 WIB
HeardinLondon 💚 @HeardinLondon

Look at the petition a 70yo vicar is passing around #occuplsx. Then check the email address

05/12/2011 19:23:27 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

@BBCMarkEaston: "seems lesson from riots is if communities don't feel police on their side, they're less likely to obey the law"

05/12/2011 20:16:45 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

"These results suggest the riots are defined by deep grievances, galvanised by wanton opportunism." #Readingtheriots

05/12/2011 21:06:46 WIB
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis

Cabinet Office researchers back findings in our riot study: #ReadingTheRiots

05/12/2011 22:26:23 WIB
HeardinLondon 💚 @HeardinLondon

#OccupyLSX launch Guided Tours of London’s Financial Centres - starting with the building vacated by Lehman Brothers

05/12/2011 22:54:03 WIB
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