#Palestine: Tweets from #Gaza: Operation Pillar of Cloud

anne paq @annepaq

Many children injured today during Israeli multiple attacks against Gaza http://t.co/y3SckFvz

11/11/2012 05:58:23 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

Martyrs left hospital with crowd following in cars .#gaza

11/11/2012 14:41:52 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

Went where 4 martyrs were killed. Still piece of flesh in trees.

11/11/2012 18:02:54 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

Israel trying to stop Israeli activists to go to demos by giving them orders in their home http://t.co/ty8gfU9s

11/11/2012 21:58:00 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

sitting in the dark in the restaurant, but having internet...typical #gaza right? electricity cut is still 8 hours a day.

11/11/2012 22:04:29 WIB
CLoP @LaRawanYaghi

New born Matar AbulAtta born after his brother, Matar AbulAtta, was killed in an israeli attack on Gaza :'( https://t.co/lmNBbClJ

11/11/2012 22:52:33 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

PHOTO- heqrt-breaking today to see the Palestinian families of the martyrs crushed by the pain in http://t.co/Ywzvvxmf #GazaUnderAttack

11/11/2012 23:10:48 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

Gaza under attack- photo story on Al jazeera http://t.co/lsFUvUsJ

11/11/2012 23:21:43 WIB
Activestills @activestills

November 11, 2012 Funeral of Palestinians killed by Israeli military attack, Gaza. http://t.co/huXCILSL

12/11/2012 00:46:32 WIB
Activestills @activestills

November 11, 2012 Palestinian women relatives of Matar Abu Al-Atta, killed the day before by an Israeli military... http://t.co/bbdwBSFy

12/11/2012 00:47:07 WIB
Ben White @benabyad

First rocket/mortar fire from Gaza took place in 2001, 53yrs after Israel's mass ethnic cleansing (Nakba) & 34yrs into military rule of oPt

12/11/2012 01:17:28 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

Just heard that Palestinians hold white flag when they came to rescue the injured after first strike in al-Shejaya. Israel response: strike

12/11/2012 17:40:48 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

#Gaza infrastructure are very crap. it rains for 5 minutes and the roads become rivers, in shati camp they had to put bridges to cross

12/11/2012 21:53:40 WIB
فَـرَحْ Farah @RoadToPalestine

A guy on a loud speaker calling on people to donate blood now. #Gaza

12/11/2012 22:40:28 WIB
Charlotte Silver @CharESilver

.@annepaq captures Gaza under Israeli attack. intimate and heartbreaking photos. http://t.co/fjb2ZBtI via @ajenglish

12/11/2012 22:56:21 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

all beds in Intensive Care Unit used in Gaza, if new attacks doctor said he does not know how to deal with them http://t.co/PfCCt3mX

12/11/2012 22:58:53 WIB
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anne paq @annepaq

Gazans mourn victims of latest Israel strikes- Photos @activestills on @972mag http://t.co/97FC5RqP

12/11/2012 23:00:25 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

VIDEO with English subs- direct witnesses of the attack, explained how an old man had a white flag when 2nd strike hits http://t.co/PfCCt3mX

12/11/2012 23:04:33 WIB
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Mondoweiss @Mondoweiss

Video: Survivors of Israeli attack on Gaza says bombs continued to fall on al-Shoja’iya as civilians raised white flags http://t.co/dJjAifTC

12/11/2012 23:22:02 WIB
Scott Campbell @incandesceinto

.@haaretz reports on a rocket in a yard & 20 people treated for shock. No news on how many in #Gaza are in shock. Or how their yards are.

12/11/2012 23:28:52 WIB
anne paq @annepaq

Gaza mourning, alive and waiting for the worse. A long personal account of the last 72 hours in Gaza with new pictures http://t.co/ApSr9A8n

13/11/2012 01:46:59 WIB
Harry Fear @harryfear

RIP A. Al Dardasawi (20), M. Harara (16), A. Harara (15), M. Abu Al Ata (20), M. S. Eshkokani (20), M. Obeid (20) http://t.co/btN2C1oQ #Gaza

13/11/2012 16:11:42 WIB
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