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Abu Dhabi Race Track

The Abu Dhabi Race Track is home to the Abu Dhabi stage on the Formula 1 calendar.
Hayley Charter @AbuDhabiNJM

F1: FIA to extend DRS zone in Abu Dhabi

06/12/2011 03:06:12 WIB
Motorsport @motor_racing

#f1 #redbull Vettel Loses to Schumacher Shocker...: For the first time this season (excluding Abu Dhabi...) Seba...

05/12/2011 20:31:29 WIB
Ubaid Parkar @ubaidparkar

Hottest track temperatures: Abu Dhabi GP at 43 degrees; hottest overall: Abu Dhabi Young Driver Test at 49 degrees #F1

05/12/2011 16:30:03 WIB
Maggs224 @maggs224

RT @PaytBeckZippr: In Pictures: Scenes from F1 race in Abu Dhabi

05/12/2011 09:19:34 WIB
Hannah Fenwick @Hannahfenwick

I wish the F1 tickets for the Abu dhabi grand prix would hurry up and be put on sale !!!! 

05/12/2011 04:54:45 WIB
Hayley Charter @AbuDhabiNJM

Vettel remains motivated as F1 rolls into Abu Dhabi

06/12/2011 01:16:18 WIB

Abu Dhabi has had the Formula 1 team visiting for a couple years now and it is quickly becoming one of the favourite tracks on the F1 calender. This years race was still exciting despite Vettel's dominance of the league.

Hopefully next year it will be more open to who wins the championship and the title can still be won or lost at Abu Dhabi. The Yas Island hotels get booked up very early for the F1 so it is always worth thinking far ahead for your holidays next year and book into an Abu Dhabi hotel as soon as possible


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