Foto Keindahan Awan Kelvin-Helmholtz yang Terlihat Seperti Ombak


Awan ini jenis Kelvin-Helmholtz yang tampak seperti ombak dengan pusaran bergulir yang terlihat di bagian atasnya.

30/09/2016 13:06:41 WIB
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Jeff Edmondson @JeffEdmondsonWX

The clouds look like Kelvin–Helmholtz waves, a rare sight over Shoreview!

30/09/2016 22:25:02 WIB
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EJ @Gr34Ej

Ondes de Kelvin Helmholtz ? 21/08 à la pointe de Trévignon @KeraunosObs

07/09/2016 17:00:40 WIB
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Francisco M. Alvarez @frankalvarez

@prefix6 yeah, I never saw them or kelvin-helmholtz wave clouds until moving to Boulder. So awesome

27/08/2016 20:47:38 WIB
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Jari Suomela @JariSuomela

From my image archives. Kelvin-Helmholtz #cloud photographed in 2003 in #Helsinki.

08/08/2016 15:25:23 WIB
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Anna J #SembangHindustan @farhanajafri

Awan Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz ni la yang selalu buat bentuk ombak. Tak pernah jumpa lagi. Kalau jumpa mesti lawa gila!

15/09/2013 12:58:18 WIB
The blurst of Toms @newimprovedtom

Some classic Kelvin-Helmholtz waves west of Porirua right now @MetService

23/08/2016 09:41:53 WIB
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Justin Horne @Justin_Horne

Check out this pic sent in by a viewer this AM! These are called Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds. Very cool! #ksatwx

27/08/2016 20:25:05 WIB
Expand pic @Raja_Wisata

"Formasi Awan" yg ketiga adalah Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds. salah satu formasi awan yang paling khas :D

17/02/2014 18:20:17 WIB
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#StormHour @StormHour

Clouds that look like ocean waves, Kelvin-Helmholtz waves #KelvinHelmholtz #StormHour

14/08/2016 04:01:01 WIB
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MeteoGib @MeteoGib

Cloud phenomena photographed in/ about #Gibraltar - Fallstreak Hole, Lenticular Stack, Halo & Kelvin-Helmholtz waves

19/08/2016 18:47:59 WIB
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James-Paul Dice @jpdice_Fox6

Kelvin Helmholtz clouds at 7,000ft today near Monroeville.

06/09/2016 05:34:08 WIB
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Marta Povlen @povlen13

Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in Pacific Coast Highway,California,Aug 21 2016 ©Sarah Shinners @EUStormMap @StormHour

23/08/2016 13:18:44 WIB
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☀Metalert Ireland☀ WASH YOUR HANDS @MetAlertIreland

Very rare Kelvin-Helmholtz waves (Cloud Waves) spotted in Feurteventura on Tuesday 16th August. Photo: @Canaryfly_

18/08/2016 16:43:59 WIB
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