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Operation Pillar of Cloud Page 2: http://chirpstory.com/li/33130
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

Airstrike reported in #KhanYounis and another east of #Rafah city both south of the #Gaza strip

11/11/2012 05:52:04 WIB
Richard DH @Richard_DH1

Explosion east #Gaza city was a rocket exploding during launch. No injuries reported. (via @aerdt)

11/11/2012 05:56:18 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

Israeli planes drop airborne leaflet propaganda in #Rafah

11/11/2012 05:58:41 WIB
Richard DH @Richard_DH1

Israel's air force dropped leaflets on eastern #Gaza.

11/11/2012 05:59:37 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

Its the leaflets that will kill people from laughing .. not the bombs and airstrikes

11/11/2012 06:01:42 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

بيصحش شلومو رايح جاي ع خانيونس ورفح وبس بيعدي علينا بدون ما يسلم ....انزل اتعشى يا رجل ...عيب عليك

11/11/2012 06:08:35 WIB
Ismaeil Mohaisen @IsmaeilFadel

Photo of Al-Quds Brigades new rocket, fired today for the first time into Israel. http://t.co/bfUBf5Ou

11/11/2012 06:27:51 WIB
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أبو وسيم @WillOuda

Huge explosion in #Gaza city....with huge aftershock #NOW

11/11/2012 06:32:31 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

The latest explosion heard was an Israeli airstrike in northern #Gaza somewhere near Pioneer factory, injuries reported.

11/11/2012 06:41:52 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

Update: The latest airstrike was east of Gaza city (not north as reported) somewhere near Dar Al Arqam school. no injuries reported so far.

11/11/2012 06:49:18 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

You can't ask the occupied and oppressed ones to #StopTheRockets and stop resisting before you #StopTheOccupation + #StopTheOppression

11/11/2012 06:58:55 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

Meanwhile ..... it's raining in #Gaza. Yes ,like "Water" not bombs

11/11/2012 07:02:17 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

LOL RT @jncatron: ... And someone is setting of fireworks in the rain by the #Gaza Seaport. Don't ask me. #GazaUnderAttack

11/11/2012 07:05:27 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

G'night... maybe the rain will be a good chance to get some sleep. life goes on as usual 2moro here in #Gaza

11/11/2012 07:10:58 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

I salute that one who set fireworks in the rain by Gaza seaport.... I love you, you made my day in the last possible chance. #Gaza

11/11/2012 07:12:43 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

How I'm supposed to replay when you mentioned me to ask what could be a good question in a language I can't understand and never used ?

11/11/2012 21:21:21 WIB
Doug Pologe @DougPologe

One of the four IDF soldiers wounded in yesterday's anti-tank missile hit on an army jeep at the Gaza border is still in critical condition.

11/11/2012 21:44:09 WIB
أبو وسيم @WillOuda

Rockets continue to launch despite the bad weather. #Gaza

11/11/2012 21:44:31 WIB
إباء @kossomayat

7 Palestinians, Including 3 Children, Killed and 52 Others, Including 6 Women and 12 Children, Wounded. #Gaza| http://t.co/gGSK6pZj

12/11/2012 04:44:27 WIB
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