#SLPsnQs on why #SLPeeps tweet and tips for new Tweeters!

SLPs on Twitter provide tips to new people starting out on Twitter and also discuss how they started tweeting and why they still tweet.
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Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
What is your #1 piece of advice/info to any professionals starting out in Twitter?Not JUST for #slpeeps! #SLPsnQs <- include this
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
3 links to learn more about Twitter for those who may be starting out & still confused http://t.co/fWi2lxs0 #SLPsnQs #slpeeps #audpeeps
Heather Heaman @hheaman
@ SLPTanya Twitter advice for newbies: Don't be shy - just jump in on conversations! #SLPsnQs
Mary @MTMarySLP
@SLPTanya Remember - what you say is there forever (even if you think you've deleted it) think before you type. #SLPsnQs
maggielmcg @maggielmcg
@SLPTanya Main thing I tell newbies about Twitter: you won't understand it until you start using it, so don't dismiss till you try #SLPsnQs
maggielmcg @maggielmcg
@SLPTanya I usually recommend they follow news sites or something they're used to following to get the hang of it, then go from there.
SLP Summer @SlpSummer
#SLPsnQs have separate professional and personal twitter accounts. It's tedious to separate them later.
Heather Heaman @hheaman
Complete your profile, use a real photo instead of default egg so clearly not a spammer. #slpeeps #SLPsnQs
#SLPsnQs My first piece of advice? Just get out there and do it! However, remember everything you say puts an image out to everyone reading.
Christopher Plant @ChrisSPlant
@SLPTanya #slpeeps #SLPsnQs get familiar with hashtags that are used in your area or work and use them
Tara Nicole @taranicole
@SLPTanya find family/friend who knows it & watch them navigate it - helps you create ?'s as to why&how while you watch #SLPsnQs #slpeeps
Alisa Brownlee ATP, CAPS @ALSAssistiveTec
@SLPTanya, #SLPsnQs. Read "Twitter for Dummies"! There are a lot of features of Twitter that you may not know.
Alisa Brownlee ATP, CAPS @ALSAssistiveTec
@SLPTanya, #SLPsnQs AND, social media is the venue to get your message out there. U may not like it, but it's the future so don't b left out
Alaina Driedger @khan_alaina
#SLPsnQs I would agree. I am also new to Twitter and have learned the most from watching how others do it. Follow like-minded ppl.
Stacie Attrill @SAttspeech
If using twitter for professional purposes, consider how personal your messages are. How much do you want to mix prof/personal? #SLPsnQs
PediaStaff, Inc. @pediastaff
@slptanya Respect original poster/tweeter & give credit inside (AND outside) of Twitter #slpeeps! #SLPsnQs
Firecracker @navknit
@SLPTanya New tweeters: Keep in mind that everyone can see what you post. Your clients could be following you! #SLPsnQs
Speech Dudes @SpeechDudes
#SLPsnQs New to Twitter? Learn to use lists. Can make life easier ;)
Skye @theblueskye
Best advice to starting on twitter is to find a balance between your personality & professionalism. I struggle with this :) #SLPsnQs
Speech Lady @SpeechLadyLisa
@SLPTanya use tweetdeck. open and keep search windows with #slpeeps, #slpchat, #slpsnQs, etc.
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO
I've only recently discovered tweetdeck!!! But I second @SLPLisa 's advice! #SLPsnQs
Priya Desai @PriyaDesaiSLT
@SLPTanya 1. follow lots of people to see what people twitter so you can learn 2. Start tweeting 3. Don't forget to acknowledge a follow!
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@priyaauthor it's funny, I used to greet new followers, but then it got to the point where I couldn't humanly keep up! #slpsnqs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@priyaauthor however, I do through my follower list once or twice a week and follow back the ones I feel I would be learning from! #SLPsnQs
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Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya 06/12/2011 19:33:11 WIB
Updated with the Twitter tips for newbies!
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