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Dublin : Peeping Tom

M. S. @mahardyharhar

Oh i remember something funny when i was in my hostel room in Dublin. x)

14/11/2012 19:53:15 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

It was pretty late. Woken up in the middle of the night (for being too excited, maybe).

14/11/2012 19:57:34 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

There's this another hostel across the street. My room's window facing exactly to this building.

14/11/2012 20:00:02 WIB
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M. S. @mahardyharhar

I was kinda feeling emo at that time, so i stared blankly at their window. All of a sudden..

14/11/2012 20:02:48 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

.. lights on in one of the rooms. There were 2 guys coming into the room. Which i bet were tourists too.

14/11/2012 20:04:54 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

Looks like they just had a quite tiring day roaming around #Dublin. It was in the middle of the night. Presumably everyone's slumber time.

14/11/2012 20:08:16 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

They looked like they're gonna hit the hay. This one guy went to his room. The other guy stayed in the living room.

14/11/2012 20:11:23 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

I was bored, sad, and couldn't sleep. So i decided to just keep blank staring a.k.a peeking into windows across the street. Until..

14/11/2012 20:16:22 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

.. the guy in the living room took his shirt off. Oh ok, nothing's weird about one taking a shirt off right?

14/11/2012 20:19:43 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

But then.. he dropped his PANTS DOWN. Wait, WHAT? What was THAT?

14/11/2012 20:21:49 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

I turned away from him to absorb what the hell of a live show i was witnessing. So i turned to the other guy in the bedroom..

14/11/2012 20:25:03 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

.. and saw his pants were also down. LOLWUT?! Few seconds later i found myself staring at bare butt-crack.

14/11/2012 20:28:36 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

Then this guy in the living room went into the bare butt-crack guy's room. My head went "HEEEEEEEEY WAIIIIIIIIIIT. Please do not go NC-17."

14/11/2012 20:32:27 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

These two were talking. One was in his undies and the other was.. well. Still praying nothing would happen between these two nekkid mates.

14/11/2012 20:39:52 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

A HUGE relief when one guy pulled his undies up and put his shirt back on. The other went to the living room and put on a possibly pajamas.

14/11/2012 20:43:39 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

Guy in the bedroom walked closer to the bed. Lights off.

14/11/2012 20:44:44 WIB
M. S. @mahardyharhar

And that's it. One hell of my FIRST night in #Dublin. Never knew what happened after lights went off, though. SLEEP of course.

14/11/2012 20:47:42 WIB


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