Naomi W @Basi1Faw1ty
Poor Terry Jones. A titan of comedy who's conquered illness before now has to face up to a new undefeatable adversary. It's not fair.
Russell Payne @russell_payne
Today seems like a very good day to support Terry Jones' book at Unbound - crowd funded publishing. unbound.com/books/the-tyra… via @unbounders
Tim Ireland @bloggerheads
Hugs to Terry Jones and everyone who cares about him: one of our finest communicators has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia.
Robin Ince @robinince
sad to hear of Terry Jones' diagnosis, a lovely man. What a bastard of an illness. twitter.com/MooseAllain/st…
Monty Python @pythonquotes
Sad news as we hear Terry Jones has been diagnosed with dementia! theguardian.com/culture/2016/s… All the best to him and his family. #MontyPython
Variety @Variety
SAG-AFTRA Foundation to Honor Robin Williams With Naming Ceremony bit.ly/2ddR0mB
🎃Mica Day🦇 @Mica_D
Sorry to hear of Terry Jones @EricIdle so glad I got to witness his genius with you&the gang at the o2 a few years ago. Mr Jones rocks! pic.twitter.com/AUo1PWsJwR
Eric Idle @EricIdle
Thank you for all your kind responses about Terry J. Of course this has been no secret to us for some years but he did manage to make O2!
chrispython @christhebutcher
@EricIdle Yes, and he was great. I guess there is no cure for it. It's so sad. We also thought it for a while but hoped it was just shyness.
Signe E. Land @LandSigne
Taking a moment to thank Terry Jones and all the Pythons for making this difficult world a better and more bearable place to be. Thank you. twitter.com/ericidle/statu…
Mike Muzyka @MagicMikeXpert
Best wishes to Terry J. Hope the rest of the @montypython troop is doing well and in good health. @mjmsportsline twitter.com/EricIdle/statu…
Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
So much love to Terry Jones, and to his family. Now support his book. twitter.com/russell_payne/…
Debayan Sinharoy @natselrox
@neilhimself @EricIdle Might also be a good time to plug the Rare Dementia Support Group. They do some good work. twitter.com/ARUKnews/statu…
Monty Python @montypython
Terry Jones to be Honoured at 25th British Academy Cymru Awards po.st/10KvT1 @pythonjones @BAFTACymru
Lawrence M. Krauss @LKrauss1
. @EricIdle wrote cherished review of my new book: "I loved the fight scenes and the sex scenes were excellent.". amazon.com/Greatest-Story…
Hollywood Reporter @THR
Monty Python's Terry Jones diagnosed with dementia thr.cm/UzQ4OJ pic.twitter.com/GKGFGKQ1GI
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J. D. Young @youngmindtweets
So sad to hear about Terry Jones. He was the best naked organ player in all Monty Python. Tell him thank you bringing so much joy. @EricIdle pic.twitter.com/YpwHQP9bqK
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Lucha VaVOOM @LuchaVaVOOM
#FlashbackFriday when Li'l Chicken went flying off the balcony!!!! He makes a triumphant return to the show next month! pic.twitter.com/kVmZdKAalQ
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Nik D @nikidoog
I read the news today, oh boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well I just had to laugh Thanks TJ 🙏🏼 pic.twitter.com/zQiyyYHjIE
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