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Mutual Fund Names

This is inspired names of how some mutual funds may name their upcoming schemes Only one of them ICICI Pru P.H.D. Fund is true - rest are fiction
Nagpal Manoj @NagpalManoj

ICICI Pru MF files new product ICICI Prudential P.H.D. Fund Not joking, this is a Pharma Sector equity fund @SanketD_ET

21/09/2016 23:39:25 WIB
Rajeev Thakkar @RajeevThakkar

Thinking of some education acronyms as fund names (purely in jest for a few laughs, no offence meant) @NagpalManoj @SanketD_ET

22/09/2016 11:50:42 WIB
Rajeev Thakkar @RajeevThakkar

@NagpalManoj @SanketD_ET ICSE Fund - Internet Communications Socialmedia & Entertainment

22/09/2016 11:51:07 WIB
Rajeev Thakkar @RajeevThakkar

@NagpalManoj @SanketD_ET B. C. O. M. Fund - Banking Collateralised Obligation and Mortgages Fund

22/09/2016 11:52:49 WIB
Rajeev Thakkar @RajeevThakkar

@NagpalManoj @SanketD_ET M.B.A. Fund - Diversified Fund - Mecan Buy Anything Fund

22/09/2016 11:54:39 WIB
Aashish P Sommaiyaa @AashishPS

@SanketD_ET @RajeevThakkar @NagpalManoj or MBBS - My Biggest Bet Sucks - applies to investors and their fund manager in turn

22/09/2016 12:06:44 WIB


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