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Long #Baltimore Rant Incoming (Re: Station North Gentrification)

remco piano @mcmansionhell

(15/15) and using art as the excuse. This, ironically (or not) at the expense of those who made it an arts district in the first place.

19/09/2016 08:25:06 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(14/15)Trying to bridge an inconvenient gap (read: mixed income & race area) between Charles Village & Mount Vernon (2 wealthy, white areas)

19/09/2016 08:24:29 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(13/15) It’s time for the city and the big universities (YES that means you too MICA) to realize what they're doing:

19/09/2016 08:20:10 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(12/15) influx of wealthy newcomers & students from MICA and Johns Hopkins. If the rent goes up even $100, I too will be displaced.

19/09/2016 08:18:28 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(11/15) It’s a sentiment many of us feel. Those who made the district worth designating are being quickly priced out of their homes by…

19/09/2016 08:17:59 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(10/15)The messages were clear: “Fight War Not Art” but more poignantly: “ARTS DISTRICT” with the word “ART” repeated furiously beneath it.

19/09/2016 08:17:31 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(9/15) Today, on my way home, the artist has painted the entire span of the Guilford Ave bridge wall with their art, their best work so far.

19/09/2016 08:16:59 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(8/15)Every day these are spray painted gray by the city. Meanwhile, whoever the city deems an “official” artist gets free reign

19/09/2016 08:16:35 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(7/15) On Guilford Ave, a local artist has been painting wonderful murals of curlicue, muppet-like creatures.

19/09/2016 08:16:01 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(6/15)The city has been silently taking down pieces of public art by locals for a while, the same art the district was famous for originally

19/09/2016 08:15:33 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(5/15) who live here and now feel unwelcome amongst fancy restaurants and apartments they can’t possibly afford. (Me included)

19/09/2016 08:14:54 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(4/15) The arts are a perk! In the district, there has been a series of small battles between the city & the underground arts community…

19/09/2016 08:09:39 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(3/15) I live here because it is the only place close to where I go to school (and it’s a mile away still) with rent I can afford.

19/09/2016 08:09:11 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(2/15) Soon after, what was was once a thriving underground arts scene has become rapidly gentrified.

19/09/2016 08:23:07 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

(1/?) I'm a proud Baltimorean. I live in Station North, which was designated in 2005 as the city's official Arts & Entertainment District.

19/09/2016 07:35:45 WIB
remco piano @mcmansionhell

SUPER LONG #Baltimore rant incoming. I'm interested to hear back from urban planning folks about it @markasaurus @urbanophile

19/09/2016 07:32:56 WIB


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