[Pic] Ramai Antrean para Apple Fanboy Dunia Demi Mendapatkan iPhone 7


Dirilisnya iPhone 7 memang jadi momen bersejarah buat para Apple Fanboy, fans dari produk Apple yang satu ini

Nikola Vucevic @NikolaVucevic

I love how everyone complains about the new #AirPods but everyone will wait in line for hours on the first day to get the Iphone 7

08/09/2016 07:48:57 WIB

Pada hari rilisnya, antrian dan tenda sudah banyak terlihat di depan bangunan Apple Store

Liz New @newlestari

Mulai antri iPhone7 dan iPhone7Plus. Akan direlease Jum'at besok. pic.twitter.com/tqGF1TRQ9J

16/09/2016 05:58:54 WIB
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Harvard Zhang @harvardzhang

iPhone 7 line in NYC. Pls pay $300 for 13th spot+chair, end of queue. Pro line-sitter in 11th said it's a $3K+ job. pic.twitter.com/OVykKC1azU

11/09/2016 05:06:25 WIB
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Dom @domomo35

Siapa yg mao antri buat iphone 7? 😅😅 pic.twitter.com/dP1USx7EAs

16/09/2016 08:43:44 WIB
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Luke Hopewell @lukehopewell

Here's the queue of people already lining up outside the Sydney Apple Store for the #iPhone7 pic.twitter.com/bXEuSz4eoX

15/09/2016 03:56:38 WIB
Gizmodo Australia @GizmodoAU

Here's part of the #iPhone7 line in Sydney. It's not as crazy as other years, but it's still iPhone-grade. #Apple pic.twitter.com/b0jI5NJD9D

16/09/2016 04:05:14 WIB
Chris @chriswaclawek

New iPhone line 7 hours before opening the store. 10C. No SF weird homeless people, this... swarmapp.com/c/2R4GVPWCs8Z pic.twitter.com/DXkxsx0UKP

16/09/2016 15:21:05 WIB
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josetron @josetron

Apple fans line up for iPhone 7 for two days to find some models are SOLD out #scieift.tt/2cANNzO pic.twitter.com/VfyYbAv9CP

16/09/2016 15:13:35 WIB
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Dev Sahni @sahnidev

This is me today waiting for my #iPhone7 and hoping @VodafoneUK stick to 'you'll get it on Friday' 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 pic.twitter.com/bTpzbgGrJD

16/09/2016 14:15:41 WIB

Ada lho orang yang menawar posisi anak yang mengantri di urutan pertama !

Joel Franco @OfficialJoelF

A 16-year-old is 1st in line for the iPhone 7 in Sydney, Australia. He has been offered $1,800 for his spot in line. pic.twitter.com/lPM9CiHwPI

16/09/2016 07:33:29 WIB
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mike cuz @cuz_mike

One group wants an iPhone and the other just needs a home. Oh what a world we live in! #iPhone7 pic.twitter.com/xBxDieylWY

16/09/2016 14:28:12 WIB
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Beberapa orang sudah mendapatkan iPhone 7 tersebut!

Safwan AhmedMia @SuperSaf

First guy in #Leicester to get the new #iPhone7 and one of the first in the UK 😎 pic.twitter.com/UIV4yNrzbf

16/09/2016 14:19:04 WIB
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Martyn Landi @MartynLandi

Paul du Buf, from Croydon was the first person in the queue. He picked up a silver 128GB iPhone 7 pic.twitter.com/b017A2tHNa

16/09/2016 14:35:53 WIB
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