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Netizen Sindir Mahalnya iPhone 7 Melalui Meme Kocak


Selain dari kritik soal fitur iPhone7 yang tidak memiliki jack headphone, netizen masih keluhkan mahalnya harga rilisan iPhone terbaru ini:

K.T. @Kamsamay

When you plead for your Salary.., To buy new iPhone 7 😜😂

08/09/2016 17:20:59 WIB
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The Head @odiveloper

Thinking of how many successful unreturned change to mum before I can buy the iPhone 7

08/09/2016 15:21:42 WIB
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Wefail @wefail

Me checking out an iPhone 7 then seeing the price tag.

08/09/2016 15:01:53 WIB
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Aladdin @Alllahdin

1. Before buying iPhone 7 2. After buying iPhone 7

08/09/2016 14:08:32 WIB
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aunty ifeoma 💗 @aunty_ifeoma

Iphone 7 is now out and you are wondering if you really need 2 kidneys

08/09/2016 18:31:43 WIB
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Twit-twit ini juga lucu banget:

keysi @bieberkeysii

iPhone 7 for £800 when u fall down the stairs with the phone in your pocket & hear a crack you'll be thinking 'God please let it be my leg'

08/09/2016 16:16:08 WIB
JJ. Omojuwa @Omojuwa

If you can't afford iPhone 7 today, by 2025, you'd have may be iPhone 17 Alpha. iPhone 7 will be in the museum then & you'll be so rich!

08/09/2016 18:30:01 WIB
Amir Haqim @amrhqm

The iPhone 7 is water-resistant, has stereo sound and a better camera but it doesn't have that one feature that I want: affordability.

08/09/2016 17:05:53 WIB
Nathaniel 🅙 @NateisFly

me after seeing the iPhone 7's price: buy my kidneys. both of them. 😭

08/09/2016 16:53:42 WIB


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