viguerias @VigueriasAndy
so we have to use this to listen to music on the iPhone 7.. yikes. pic.twitter.com/wqHeX4kziw
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zach @nyczach
the iPhone 7 headphone lighting cord concept is stupid ... like what if I wanna listen to music and charge my phone at the same time ...
Kenny Jones @relientkenny
The iPhone 7 is water resistant NOT water proof. People will damage that new phone so quickly
Satria. @satriaoo
iPhone 7 katanya anti air. Biasa aja. Harusnya bikin yang lebih menghebohkan. Misal, anti huru-hara
Black People Comedy @BIackPpIComedy
When they pass you the aux but you have an iPhone 7 pic.twitter.com/3VeccDpw1t
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matthew. @__HakunaMATTata
when they hand you the aux cord but you got the iPhone 7 pic.twitter.com/FmZ7uTclZZ
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TooFunnyPics @toofunnypics
The iPhone 7 might not have the headphone jack but at least we won't have to deal with this pic.twitter.com/9zqaj56ZkZ
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renné nésa @makmummasjid
iPhone 7 15jtan mah kebeli cuma kaga kebayar, beli bisa bayarnya kaga.
Taylor Owens @Taylorjowens23
Seeing all these tweets about the iPhone 7 and thinking pic.twitter.com/ib0Pf0gUyM
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