Ide 'Supergila' KFC: Keluarkan Produk Lotion Sunscreen dengan Aroma Ayam Goreng!

Dalam 2 jam, SOLD OUT! Ini apaa apaaaannnn :)))))
Kayanya ga pernah ada yg request pengen punya lotion sunblock rasa ayam goreng kentucky sih.. Tapi ini beneran dibuat sama KFC! 😱😭

Biasanya lotion suncreen yg kita pake itu pengennya yg harum2, wangi bunga, buah, atau parfum, Tapi ini...

KFC @kfc

We made a sunscreen and it's free* and it smells like fried chicken and fried chicken smells delicious.…

22/08/2016 20:09:05 WIB
Travel + Leisure @TravelLeisure

KFC created a sunscreen that smells like fried chicken:

26/08/2016 03:45:06 WIB
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Gizmodo @Gizmodo

Replace your coconut sunscreen with KFC's new sun blocker that smells like fried chicken

22/08/2016 23:36:45 WIB
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Rachel C. Abrams @RachelAbramsNY

KFC makes sunscreen now "Because you always wanted to smell like chicken at the beach"

26/08/2016 04:58:16 WIB
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Lisa Jennings @livetodineout

KFC is offering fried chicken-scented sunscreen. It comes in Extra Crispy. And, yes, that’s George Hamilton.

22/08/2016 22:14:15 WIB
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Nicole Montgomery @NicoleMont95

KFC just released a fried chicken scented sunscreen. What has this world come to?!

22/08/2016 22:16:32 WIB
Ini iklannya gaes.. Ada beneran produknya :))
KFC @kfc

New! Real! Free*! Extra Crispy! Fried Chicken! Scented Sunscreen! *Ltd Avail. Terms apply.

22/08/2016 20:00:32 WIB
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KFC @kfc

Another extra happy Extra Crispy Sunscreen order placed! Get yours free while supplies last:…

22/08/2016 20:28:28 WIB
Chris W @BetterOnTV

@kfc cant wait to start basting in the good stuff

22/08/2016 20:25:41 WIB
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Ryan @Ryanbsajax

@kfc WHY IS THIS A THING 😫😭😂😂😂

22/08/2016 20:18:31 WIB
KFC @kfc

@RyanBS98 Because its what the world's needed.

22/08/2016 20:22:14 WIB
Ryan @Ryanbsajax

@kfc going to the beach will never be the same… it'll smell like KFC all the time 😂😂😂

22/08/2016 20:25:08 WIB

Banyak yg ngerasa ide 'gila' KFC ini kebangetan

Mashable @mashable

KFC's fried chicken-scented sunscreen sounds truly terrible.

23/08/2016 00:28:04 WIB
phoenix @phoeniixrisingg

@kfc what made you think people want to smell like chicken ?? 💀

23/08/2016 22:41:29 WIB
𝕽𝖀𝕭𝕴𝖃 @OfficialRubix

@kfc so what happens when I wear this at the beach and freakin seagulls attack me!

23/08/2016 15:58:18 WIB
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