Ada kejadian seru di ajang olimpiade lari cepat pria di Rio Olympics 2016

Athletics Australia @AthsAust
Diniz, Toth, Tallent, Dunfee, Heffernan, Tanii, Nava in the leading pack early stages. All the contenders! #50kmwalk pic.twitter.com/hhPY4eyClQ
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Pada pertandingan jalan cepat 50 km tersebut, pelari Prancis pemegang rekor, Yohan Diniz mengalami kejadian yang memalukan

URL Mail Online French athlete appears to soil himself halfway through 50km walk race Yohann Diniz, the world record holder in the event, was leading the field when a camera picked up on him beginning to struggle, collapsing to the pavement (pictured) about an hour later.
The Indian Express @IndianExpress
Lost medal, gained respect: French athlete Yohann Diniz poops, collapses yet finishes race indianexpress.com/article/trendi… pic.twitter.com/XZwNNPV5Dn
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Tyler Richardson @Ty1erRichardson
Yohann Diniz shat, walked, collapsed, and still finished 8th. Who was 9th?! #Rio2016 #FridayFeeling pic.twitter.com/ROysJdI4l7
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Diniz mengalami masalah pada perutnya dan sempat tumbang di tengah kompetisi

Xinhua Sports @XHSports
#FRA race walker Diniz collapsed for exhaustion mid-walk on 50km for severe gastrointestinal issues, still ended 8th pic.twitter.com/Ozdu2sXetR
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Tetapi kejadian tersebut tidak membuat Diniz menyerah, ia melanjutkan kompetisi hingga finish di urutan ke-8. Salut!

Olive Loughnane @OliveLoughnane
Yohann Diniz stopped his watch before fainting .... a true athlete
AW @AthleticsWeekly
World record-holder Yohann Diniz, who led most of the race, stopped, got going again, then collapsed, has incredibly finished 8th #Rio2016
Dr. Christian DeFeo @doctorcdf
Yohann Diniz may represent a case of "too much" Olympic spirit: race walking until he was bleeding profusely! #Rio2016
Jordan K. Turgeon @jordanturgeon
How about instead of laughing at #YohannDiniz and making poop jokes, we praise him for not giving up despite clearly being ill. #Olympics
Eoghan Lyons @Eoghanlyons
Yohann Diniz is an absolute legend, what an effort from that man today. #Diniz #50kmwalk
ᴊᴏᴇ ʟᴇᴇ 🇲🇾 @klubbkiddkl
Wow! French ran walker Johann Diniz in the 50km pooped his pants and passed out. But he got back up and finished. True Olympian!


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