Cass @thiscassgirl
@PollyMaeve did you see the French walker who pooped while racing?

Dalam pertandingan race walking (jalan jarak jauh) sepanjang 50km atlet Perancis ini mengalami dehidrasi. Sebabnya adalah diare dan sepanjang jalan dia sempat berak di celana, kehabisan energi, hingga kolaps. Namun ia meneruskan pertandingan dan akhirnya bisa finish di urutan 8.

Xinhua Sports @XHSports
#FRA race walker Diniz collapsed for exhaustion mid-walk on 50km for severe gastrointestinal issues, still ended 8th pic.twitter.com/Ozdu2sXetR
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ᴊᴏᴇ ʟᴇᴇ 🇲🇾 @klubbkiddkl
Wow! French ran walker Johann Diniz in the 50km pooped his pants and passed out. But he got back up and finished. True Olympian!
Lauren O'Neil @laurenonizzle
A French race walker just pooped his pants during a 50k Olympic final. #Rio2016 is dope. sbnation.com/2016/8/19/1255… pic.twitter.com/xGlZZkS2jI
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Rook0914 @Rook_SpartyOn
@WorldofIsaac @UPROXX as if shitty on a treadmill is any better....
Bryan @bryan_cruciani
youtu.be/HgJpT1Hyeuw my man pooped himself, collapsed mid race, and still managed to finish in 8th place. #GOAT
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