Bradley Manning: a model citizen in our idiocracy

Bradley Manning: "a model citizen in our idiocracy" by Shoq Value.
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Shoq Value @Shoq
You mean Bufford Manning. It's easy to forget. RT @1kecko: what ever happened with Daniel Manning? @shoq lol, those were the good ol days
Shoq Value @Shoq
If Manning is very lucky, he may get out of prison before he's 60. But I doubt it.
Shoq Value @Shoq
Raised on video games and a trite ideology, and with no ability to think critically, he gave his life for Glenn Greenwald's career.
Shoq Value @Shoq
What #manning did was this: He saw a wrong, and decided it justified 250,000 wrongs. He's a model citizen in our idiocracy. #p2
Shoq Value @Shoq
Path wasn't complicated. Manning confused proof of specific wrongdoing with 250,000 random state secrets.
Shoq Value @Shoq
.@lvdjgarcia You're overcomplicating this. Manning is innocent because 1) he's gay 2) every1 does it,3) Obama is worse than bush #p2
lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia
@Shoq Ellsberg is trying paint manning as a person of conscience, which means nothing since manning is using a diminished capacity defense
Shoq Value @Shoq
@lvdjgarcia @sparksjls Indeed. Ellsberg flogged several senators, proving he sought support up-chain. Manning never did.
Shoq Value @Shoq
.@lvdjgarcia But @sparksjls makes excellent point. If Manning's case is so strong, why does GG have to prop it up with Ellsberg?
Shoq Value @Shoq
I've been busy all day. Any news in the Bradley Manning hearing? He he received Sainthood yet?


@johns3000 02/12/2011 16:27:36 WIB
Be careful publishing about S h oq. He threatens to sue people for defamation of his pseudonymous Twitter meme. How would he prove that he is S ho q if he takes it to court? Haq Edelstein
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