Kira2 kalau jadi anak presiden, biasanya waktu liburan dipakai buat apa?

Mungkin sebagian besar liburan ya, hangout, jalan2.

Kl jadi Sasha Obama sih, dia ngabisin liburan musim panas di Amerika dgn bekerja paruh waktu.

Sasha si bungsu anak Presiden Obama dan Michelle Obama menjadi pelayan di restoran seafood Nancy’s di lokasi wisata Martha’s Vineyard.

...SASHA OBAMA, BARACK OBAMA's youngest daughter, took the freelance work at Martha Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA... pic.twitter.com/mR5PVEQonJ
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Mendapat pujian dan apresiasi

Kaivan Shroff @KaivanShroff
Sasha Obama will now know 2 things Trump kids never will: 1) what it means to work hard 2) what it's like to have your dad be President
I X Z E L @awoahnarry
I love the fact that Sasha Obama has a job that even though she's able to have everything she wants she wants to work for herself
Lisa Vikingstad @LisaVikingstad
Media reports Sasha Obama took a "typical teenage summer job" ..not realizing many American adults work those kinds of jobs to like...live 😂

Tapi ada juga yang mencibir seperti: Sasha telah mengambil 'hak' orang yang seharusnya bekerja di sana

John Davis @TheFoundingSon
Someone who really needs job could get it instead of Sasha Obama The only thing she needs is PR pic.twitter.com/6Kx6Db2aH1
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Gloria M. USA @GloriaMitchell6
@kelseybew_ @TheFoundingSon @sportzcrazed I wonder how many hundreds of thousands it costs taxpayers for secret service while she 'works' ?
PanielDrice @PanielDrice
@TheFoundingSon Sasha Obama is monopolizing all those coveted busking jobs at at a fish shack! How dare she? Make America Great Again!

Hmm.. (I know, right?)

Vally Love @lavalcarmel
Why are people upset about Sasha Obama having a regular job? Her parents are teaching her about hard work, & humbling her. I don't get it. 🤔
Majestic Mystic @NelsonEmpowered
White men are sooo worried about Sasha Obama working, as if their white welfare queens are really out looking for work.
Sierra Dean @sierradean
@TheFoundingSon I have a genuine question for you, not trying to troll. You have children. Do you think it's important they learn hard work?
Dee @OrishaOsun
@kelseybew_ @TheFoundingSon @sportzcrazed i can't believe people are moaning at least she is working.
Hermione Danger @_ayeeeitsKK
@TheFoundingSon @sportzcrazed Y'all kill me. If the girl spent her summer on a beach it would be "learn hard work" make up your MINDS
alexander supertramp @taymimpala
y'all mad at Sasha Obama for getting a job but would be mad if she didn't work
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