China Xinhua News @XHNews
World's first transit elevated bus, TEB-1 on its launching test Tuesday in Qinhuangdao, N China's Hebei pic.twitter.com/yMepYWD1kD
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Yang gila-gila memang ada di Cina, kalo ga ya di Rusia

Brandon Orselli @brandonorselli
>elevated bus >in china a land where no one obeys driving laws, ever, and no one cares. what could go wrong? @XHNews
GlorpDieBlorp @acerbicBUSH
@brandonorselli @XHNews the only other place is Russia where indicating means "Please drive straight at me. I'm weak willed".
James Hollis @jwhollis
@XHNews @AndrewChalland That thing is going to get crashed into more than anything on earth. As if lanes are a thing in China.

Di prototype-nya dulu terlihat lantai bus dibuat dari kaca transparan, sedangkan pada barang jadinya, lantai bus tampak normal. Jika betul-betul transparan, bagaimana ya dengan orang-orang yanag pakai rok, keliatan dari bawah kan? (Di bawah bus itu melaju juga mobil dan kendaraan lain)

Cabbage @caithio
@XHNews I remember the prototype design. So glad they drop the transparent glass floor.
Gnoob @Noobface
@caithio @XHNews nah that would make it so cool seeing cars under your feet
Daniel Childs @DanielChilds
@Noobface_ @caithio @XHNews What about people that wear skirts, dresses, and kilts? They're all on show with a glass floor
Gnoob @Noobface
@DanielChilds @caithio @XHNews who tf looks up when driving? And walkers wouldn't go fast enough to catch up to it
Gnoob @Noobface
@DanielChilds @caithio @XHNews or just let those who have skirts sit instead of stand? Idk a glass floor would be cool af
Daniel Childs @DanielChilds
@Noobface_ @caithio @XHNews Buses stop. I'd look up if one of those passed overhead. Priority seating shouldn't based on apparel. Opaque=👍

Bus model itu ga papa tuh buat truk, van, dan kendaraan-kendaraan tinggi? Bagaimana dengan jembatan yang sudah dibangun, masa harus dimodif juga?

Operasionalnya, straddling bus hanya akan bergerak dalam jalan tertentu dengan rute berbentuk garis lurus saja, dan di sana ditetapkan batasan ketinggian.

Jean le Saboteur @banndit78
@XHNews What about minibuses ? Vans ? Cyclists ?
Dale Alan @USMC6591
@XHNews Driving underneath a moving bus must be a strange experience.
mahatma gandalf @narayan140
@XHNews @aparanjape this is actually quite brilliant. it's like making every road a two-tier road without actually building a second tier.
Duncan Drasdo @Drasdo
@narayan140 @XHNews @aparanjape agree - though bridges/tunnels will need to be modified
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