Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Rilis, Merchnya Bikin Ngiler!! | via @amasna

🦉ia Masna @amasna

Not just books. If you're lucky you also get one of those Potter bags pic.twitter.com/6fwzXBG7jw

31/07/2016 08:09:55 WIB
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People @people

IT'S 12:01! After 9 years, the first fans in line get their copies of Harry Potter #CursedChild at @strandbookstore pic.twitter.com/hIFGGQf1OE

31/07/2016 11:52:19 WIB
Dwika Putra @dwikaputra

@amasna how much is it? Planning to get one for a present :))

31/07/2016 08:01:15 WIB
NVS @nadd__

@amasna just bought it at Periplus this morning for 292.000. Normal price 365.000, got 20% discount for member

31/07/2016 17:46:32 WIB
🦉ia Masna @amasna

7am Sunday morning at Aksara, Kemang because… Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is out! pic.twitter.com/Aoeo0ZQR5s

31/07/2016 07:24:49 WIB
Variety @Variety

Photos from West End's "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child": wp.me/p2WgDE-1jkIu2 pic.twitter.com/ynOTASQRM3

26/07/2016 06:16:03 WIB
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BuzzFeed @BuzzFeed

“Harry Potter And The Cursed Child” photos are here and they’re so magical bzfd.it/2a7jn59 pic.twitter.com/s9sb4J2n6p

27/07/2016 00:54:38 WIB
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