Sandmonkey Has a Vision of the Future

Who needs a crystal ball or Ouija board? This Tweet says it all: Follow @Sandmonkey. He can see the future from his house!
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Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:46:55 WIB
postapocalyptic movies show a future where pollution is everywhere, no state control, random violence & good shortages.
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:47:34 WIB
so, the question becomes, since we do meet all of these criterion, how will the postapocalypse look like in egypt exactly?
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:49:03 WIB
And why are we not selling the world on "postapocalyptic tourism" to Egypt? Experience the Future, come to Egypt! :D
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:51:01 WIB
I would pioneer postapocalyptic tourism...I would take the tourists to Giza square & leave them there for 3 hours... That shud do it!
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:52:56 WIB
The Rapture talks about a time when the best people go to heaven & all that are left are the rest to live in misery & fight each other. hmm.
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:53:58 WIB
Dear Western countries, Egypt is not turning into an Islamic state. We are going the faithless route. Just watch us!
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:55:08 WIB
The Islamists have no executive power, can't control the streets, & can't enforce their will. They are getting that, will try anyway & fail.
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:56:03 WIB
Meanwhile, our government is being run by merchants who don't understand what economy means or the scope of the country they are ruling.
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:57:46 WIB
The Secualrists are not becoming any more organized, but they are becoming more determined, & understand that terrorist attacks are coming
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 01:58:57 WIB
Segmentation is taking lace, localization of people into their areas is happening, people are not leaving their neghbourhoods more & more
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:00:21 WIB
Everyone is expanding their local neighbourhood network, due to secuirty concerns & traffic, & go out more there..
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:01:05 WIB
This localization & informal neighborhood networks are forcing people to think about their neighbourhoods first & work on them..
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:01:45 WIB
Soon, the informal local networks will replace the government support on the ground, & replace it in most functions..
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:03:05 WIB
Those networks will form coordinators, who will link up with other coordinators, & a true social & political movment will emerge...
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:05:10 WIB
But until then there will be no parties, no politics, & no government. Also, call me crazy, but art will be the only way to unify us.
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:06:18 WIB
Many of you can't see it from all the beards, but a dynamic egypt is being built right now. We are doing it the hard way, but it's happening
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:07:58 WIB
And the best part, it is happening without our interference or guidance, organically, & none of us twitter activist will matter. #good
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:08:52 WIB
All those symbols, all of those leaders, all of them on all sides will not survive next year. People will look for those who do the work.
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:10:19 WIB
Those who do the work will have local networks that can function & mobilize their areas... those will lead us, not those in the media.
Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey 11/11/2012 02:12:11 WIB
I see a truly amalgamted culture forming, I see mindsets changing, I see the future, & it doesn't belong to the Islamists at all..

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