This is the Tweetstream captured from the #CESIMeetNE event that took place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dundalk, County LOuth, Ireland on Friday 9th November. Educators and others involved in education and technology met up and shared their work in integrating ICT into education.
education cesi teachers students ireland
Julie Heeney @julesheeney
Looking forward to #CESImeetNE on Friday! It'll be nice to meet the #edchatie avatars in person!
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
All DLD 2012 are planning to go to #CESImeetNE on Friday! Now if only we could draw in some hard-core bloggers like @BelgianWaffle too. :-)
CESI @cesitweets
Last call to register and join us in Dundalk tomorrow evening for a rocking CESImeet #cesimeet #cesimeetne http://t.co/Bbdfcsdf
Catherine Fox @cfoxcavan
MT “@cesitweets: Last call to register & join us in Dundalk tomorrow for a rocking #cesimeet #cesimeetne http://t.co/tpay47YH#edchatie
Cara McDermott @caramcdermott
Who's heading to the #cesimeetne tomorrow evening in Dundalk? #cesi
fboss @fboss
Tonight in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dundalk there'll be one rocking #CESIMeetNE #cesimeet http://t.co/SXNw5lla#edchatie See you there @ 7pm
fboss @fboss
MT @rmbyrne History of Western Architecture: 39 Free Video Lectures http://t.co/wtgAYOTX Great for Art History & more #edchatie #CESIMeetNE
Seomra Ranga @seomraranga
@fboss: Hopefully there'll be lots of tweeting for those of us that can't make it #CESIMeetNE #cesimeet #edchatie
fboss @fboss
@seomraranga Follow along with #CESIMeetNE tonight to listen in on all things Ed from Dundalk #edchatie #niedchat
Stephen Howell (Ireland) @saorog
Excited for #CESIMeetNE tonight in Dundalk! Fantastic line up of speakers too. Some tickets left at: http://t.co/wrtwFoBC @CESIMeetNE
Cara McDermott @caramcdermott
Busy trying to put 'smacht' on my little presentation for tonight! #nervous #cesimeetne Looking forward to matching people to avatars later
Mary Jo Bell @7MJB
Getting ready for trip to Dundalk for #CESIMeetNE
magsamond @magsamond
heading off to #CESImeetNE with @caramcdermott and @cfoxcavan, looking forward to a good evening learning and laughing...
Julie Heeney @julesheeney
Have my presentation ready for later peeps. It's only 4 slides...I'm gonna use the Interwebs to explain rather than PowerPoint #cesimeetne
fboss @fboss
On my way to #CESIMeetNE in Dundalk. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone. #edchatie
fboss @fboss
http://t.co/w37Npubz Think I'm about an hour too early for #CESIMeetNE Guess I'm too eager :-) #edchatie
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