Public Sector on Strike in the UK (again)

A 24hr strike is on agenda today 30th November 2011. Reason? Pension! This is affecting even more the Country's economy. Read More
STRIKES UK public sector
Sarah Hewson @skynewssarah
We're running a twitter poll on today's public sector strikes. Tweet the hashtag #righttostrike or #wrongtostrike. So far 70% say right.
Nature控 @omgluckbert
Public sector strikes: East Lancashire workers on picket lines
Thomas Power @thomaspower
Why I Support The Strikes [David McQueen] - Today in the UK over 2.5 million people in the public sector will take t...
Plough And Furrow @PloughAndFurrow
New post: STRIKES: Are public sector workers right to walk out? Tell us what you think @knutsford
Public sector strikes: impact on schools and services
Molly @MollyHelmm
Day of strikes as millions heed unions' call to fight pension cuts (The Guardian Ugh great! :/
RT @newsthump: NEWS! Public sector strikes to cost economy 1/10th of royal wedding, warn ministers


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