CaughtOffside @caughtoffside
Martial isn't happy.......This tweet seems legit! pic.twitter.com/cyeBeIQ6ap
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Cal @AubameyangGoal
Absolutely shocking from Martial😳 pic.twitter.com/GqrhTMKZTA
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M. @VVD4i
Anthony Martial tweeted this before quickly deleting pic.twitter.com/fRBo3DGP1m
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Jordan @JordySloan
Martial's deleted tweet earlier, the truth why he unfollowed @ManUtd, can't blame him. #mufc pic.twitter.com/Gjx9tZ1kLA
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@BeastFosuMensah @BeastFosuMensah
The reason Martial unfollowed @ManUtd. He isn't unhappy or whatsoever, calm down lads. He has deleted this tweet. pic.twitter.com/HN31qKkDjN
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FootballFunnys @FootballFunnnys
Club forced Martial to delete this tweet ^^
United Report @ManUtdReport_
Anthony Martial changed his profile picture and header on Facebook highlighting the number 9 shirt. #MUFC pic.twitter.com/81N4LBZ0uM
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Manchester United @ManUtd
Zlatan 9? Rooney 10? Martial 11? Get your new home kit now: bit.ly/2aiHa2J pic.twitter.com/SZvKEUKLz2
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Aidan Walsh 🔰 @AidanWalshMUFC
I should not have to tweet this: Anthony Martial will not leave Manchester United over a shirt number. #mufc Now everyone can relax.
_Vignesh_ @_Vignesh07_
So Utd Gave Zlatan the number 9 without Martial's agreement We know about Utd I'm still waiting for RVP departure tweet
Hassan @ClassofBergkamp
Really unfair on Martial. Not the culture you want at the club. Poor guy must have marketed no 9 all over.
Anthony Martial wanting his number 9 like... vine.co/v/5mwaIJ2FVeJ
Martial when he found that United gave Zlatan his shirt number vine.co/v/MUEj5He2L5W
URL Vine Louis van Gaal right now... Vine by Follow @FootyHumour on Twitter
Man Utd Stuff @ManUtdStuff
United gave Ibrahimovic the no.9 shirt without Martial's consent. [rmc]
Jordan Clarke @FourFourJordan
My take? Martial is the future of this club. He's our priority, not Ibrahimovic, keep him happy and let him have 9.
Tobi @Tobjizzle
I don't blame Martial for being upset though. I would be, especially if they changed it without consent🙄


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