URL CNN Pokemon Go takes State Department briefing The Pokemon Go craze came to the State Department on Thursday, when a reporter was called out for playing the popular game during a briefing.
NBC News @NBCNews
Busted! State Department spokesman John Kirby catches a reporter playing Pokemon Go during a briefing amp.twimg.com/v/1b87dd57-658…
H @KekHamo
US state department briefing interrupted when spokesman caught a reporter trying to catch a Pokemon: pic.twitter.com/DUsWhMdN5k
Lawrence @Lawrence_KC
even john kirby knows pokemon go, man that's hot
Levi 🕊 @LeviRyken
"You're playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren't you," State Department spokesman John Kirby asked a reporter
(((Mia Bloom))) @MiaMBloom
@MiaMBloom mid briefing: "You're playing the Pokémon thing right there, aren't you," John Kirby. Watching it Bad signal in room (reporter)
Mitch ™Ⓜ️ @kade6767
@NBCNews I would've told him to get the f out of the room.
LindaMarie Linkhauer @linkhauer
@NBCNews FIRE HIM! If he has time to play games while working. He doesn't need his job.
Joe DiGiacomo @JMDiGiacomo
@NBCNews To be fair, there are probably some rare Pokémon there.


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