Rumail Abbas® @Stakof
A Brazilian MP breastfeeds her child at an open debate in the National assembly. NTAP!!!👍🏻 pic.twitter.com/6pyf9KQGLK
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Oluwaseun Egbelowo, Ph.D @egbelowo
Brazilian MP breastfeeding her child in open debate in d National Assembly.God bless our mothers,they give life&love pic.twitter.com/YndGCOiKSC
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Taufiq Anas @taufiqanasm
@Stakof selamat hari anak Nasional, prioritaskan anak!!! 😀

Yang juga pernah melakukan hal serupa: MP Argentina, Donda Perez

MP = Member of Parliament (anggota parlemen/DPR)


monica @monica22300524 11/07/2019 19:15:05 WIB
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