Ironis: Pendiri Situs Bajakan Kickass Torrents Ditangkap Karena Beli Produk Legal iTunes

law crime Apple vaulin bajak FBI torrents artem kickass iTunes polandia
Artem Vaulin ditangkap setelah membeli produk secara legal di iTunes

Pendiri kickass torrents ditangkap oleh Biro Federal Amerika Serikat (FBI).
Ironisnya penangkapan ini justru terjadi setelah Vaulin melakukan pembelian secara legal melalui portal hiburan apple iTunes.

BNO News @BNONews
MORE: Owner of world's most popular torrent website, Kickass Torrents, arrested in Poland
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Jess @MsMosman
Kickass Torrents domains have been seized by the US and Artem Vaulin has been arrested in Poland. A dark day for Internet freedom. #Kickass
BasioMeusPuga @BasioMeusPuga
The KickAss Torrents owner was arrested after Apple revealed his personal info following a legal iTunes purchase. Irony level: Cruel.
Encyclopædia Dramatica @eddotse
BTW Apple are the ones who sold out Kickass Torrents. If would be throwing my iPhone in the toilet if I had one.…
ᴍᴀᴅʜᴜ ᴍᴇɴᴏɴ @madmanweb
Turns out it was Apple who provided the FBI with access to the email account of the guy who ran Kickass Torrents.…
francis. @stayne_
So Apple refuses to unlock a terrorist's phone but gladly gave away the icloud details of the owner of kickass torrents to aid his arrest
@mikko @mikko
So @avaulin got busted for running Kickass Torrents…by doing an iTunes transaction! Should have torrented instead?…
Bernard Chuwa @Berry_Chuwa
Kickass Torrents: How did the US Government bring down the file-sharing site?… Bye Bye #KickAss
büşra @mrsdaIIoways
kickass torrents is gone and i'm still in mourning
Talha. @TalhaAhmadd
Just when we thought that 2016 couldn't get any worse, the owner of Kickass Torrents got arrested and the site got turned off. Dark day.
Sagar Mehra @sagarvmehra
Sad day for the Internet. We applaud you for your services Artem Vaulin. You are the real hero. #kickass
Mayowa of Lagos || Wana Marley @Wana____
One minute of silence for Kickass Torrents. You'd always be in my heart.


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